Birth Story of Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing

| September 22nd, 2009

Lou Jing (娄婧) a mixed Shanghainese girl (half black and half Chinese) became popular overnight because her mother and she were viciously attacked by the Chinese netizens’ nasty and racist comments. However the western readers seem to be focusing more on the racism issue, but the reason of the attacks is not only because of the racism against black people. but also a large portion of the Chinese netizens were angry about Lou Jing’s mother’s extramarital affair which led to […]Read more…

NetEase Interview with Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing

| September 15th, 2009

“Shanghai Black Girl Lou Jing (娄婧)” became popular on the Chinese internet because of the brutal comments and attacks online over her ethnic background and her skin color. Readers also strongly commented on the blog post 2 weeks ago on the issues of racial discrimination in China as well as the moral debate over her mother’s “extramarital affair”. On September 14th 2009 Netease reports, recently Jing Lou accepted an exclusive interview with NetEase news, responded to the controversy of her […]Read more…