Man lies to parents about studying in UK for 6 years, spends 6 million

| October 21st, 2011

Beijing Morning post reported (via Netease): a man has been living in Beijing for long time, but his parents far away in Jiangsu Province thought he was studying at Oxford University. For 6 years, parents sent him over 6 million yuan. But now, he spent all 6 million yuan and also owed another 400,000 yuan to the loan sharks. Parents finally found out the truth, he had nothing to say but to threaten to commit suicide. Yesterday, he finally gave […]Read more…

Chinese people learn how to lie in childhood essays

| April 4th, 2010

Chinese people were first taught how to lie in their essays? A post 80s generation netizen published a post titled “our childhood essay sentences guarantee to work”, the words and phrases are selected from her childhood essays and generated quite an echo on the internet.

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Wal-Mart: Violence and Lies

| October 16th, 2009

The night of September 2nd, Yu Xiaochun (余小春) who was viciously beaten by Wal-Mart workers, passed away after three days of rescuing efforts by the doctors. Since the exposure of the incident, Wal-Mart murder case was the hot topic of the internet forums.

On August 30th 7 pm, 37-year-old Yu Xiaochun went to Wal-Mart supercenter in Jingdezhen plaza. When she walked out of the store, five Wal-Mart employees (four men and one woman) chased up to her. They accused Yu […]Read more…