Terrorists kill 29, injure 143 in Kunming attack, Arrested suspect considered “key evidence,” and more updates from Weibo

| March 1st, 2014

Late last night (China time), a team of eight* (updated) knife-wielding terrorists attacked the Kunming Train Station, in the capital of Yunnan, killing 29 and injuring 130 (143, as of March 3). Four of the attackers were shot and killed at the scene and another was injured and arrested. Five were reportedly on the loose at the time of the original posting, although as of March 4, it has been reported that there were eight attackers and all have been […]Read more…

Underground Dog Slaughterhouse Exposed in Kunming

| October 23rd, 2011

(From Sohu) Killing and eating dogs has long been spat upon by dog lovers, especially when it comes to underground dog slaughterhouses where dogs are slaughtered cruelly everyday. Recently a small underground dog slaughterhouse was exposed after a month long look out by a journalist in Kunming City. Though the place was empty when the police arrived, what left behind on the spot still mirrored shocking slaughters.

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New tools for suicide: Paper bills and shoelaces?

| December 17th, 2009

The death of a suspect named Xing Kun in the Kunming Xiaonan police station has attracted the attention of Chinese media and netizens. Netizens are skeptical about supposedly a suicide happened in the holding cell of a police station. Many speculated about the “real causes of death” and phrases like “faked suicide” once again became the hot phrase on the internet. Xing Kun was arrested on October 11th and died the next day – less than 24 hours after he […]Read more…