Zhejiang Province bans 37 songs in KTV

| April 21st, 2011

From Netease:

Recently netizens of Wenzhou noticed a yellow sign appeared in the local KTV (karaoke clubs). The sign listed 37 songs that are now banned from playing at these places by the provincial authority. The 37 prohibited songs included popular titles like Su Rui’s “qian shou” 牵手 (Hold hands), Richie Ren’s Xiaoxue (snow) and Bobby Chen’s One night in Beijing.

The sign says “Prohibited songs announcement, according to regulation of the Provincial Department of Culture, the following 37 songs […]Read more…

Karaoke monitoring system that calls the police automatically when vulgar song is played

| December 26th, 2009

[From Huanqui] Dahe December 24 reports, couple of days ago, 176 karaoke places in Chongqing has installed the karaoke content management system, once someone selects to sing vulgar songs or banned songs, culture law enforcement central monitoring system will automatically flash red lights to alarm the police. Yesterday, reporter learned that Zhengzhou already started to use this system and next year will be implemented in the entire province.

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