Why China doesn’t have its own Steve Jobs

| November 29th, 2011

(The commentary by Qiulin 邱林, translated from caixin.cn)

As millions of Chinese netizens mourned over Steve Jobs’ death, they also raised a question – why couldn’t China produce its own “Steve Jobs”? Former vice-president of Google global and president of Google China Kai-fu Lee explained on his weibo that it was because Chinese education puts too much emphasis on reciting and memorizing stuff instead of fostering critical thinking. He pointed out that it wasn’t that Chinese people are not smart […]Read more…

Google China Kai-fu Era

| September 6th, 2009

On September 4th 2009 Google China sent an internal email to all of its employees, announcing the founding president of Google China Kai-fu Lee (李开复)  has resigned. He will officially leave Google in mid-September to start his independent venture. Many Chinese writers and bloggers have responded to this news, reviewing the solid job Kaifu Lee has done with Google China in the past years and speculating the reason of Lee’s resignation. I am going to translate a blog post by […]Read more…