Beautiful girls walk runway for “CEO high-end jobs”

| November 29th, 2010

On the wall: “The 2nd Chengdu CEO high-end talent head hunt”

From Netease:

In the evening of November 27, 40 beautiful young girls walked the runway at a hotel in Chengdu. They were not models nor in a beauty pageant, but applying for jobs. The people hiring were the big bosses of 80 companies. Was this job recruitment or dating service? The public questioned.

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Interesting encounter at the job fair in China

| July 23rd, 2010

(Tianya) Yesterday I went to the job fair, intended to find a job to put food on the table. I was not successful but I unexpectedly bumped into this ‘awesome’ character that shocked me till this day.

This man was very normal and fragile looking, when a pile of his certificates and credentials fell onto the floor, they had scared me that I almost jumped up. Staring at him, this man was fumbling picking up all of his scattered certificates […]Read more…

Girl dislocates her arm in the jostling of job fair by state-owned enterprices

| March 21st, 2010

From Wuhan Morning Paper

One girl dislocated her arm and 3 boys climbed windows in the process of getting into the job fair hosted on March 19th by 25 large and medium sized state-owned enterprises who altogether offer 5,000 jobs. The fair has to be canceled due to overcrowding.

Reporter on the spot observed at 8:30 am that over 1,000 job seekers had already been waiting at the square. When the gate opened an hour later, the crowds rushed forward and […]Read more…