Students collect garbage to surf the net

| March 23rd, 2010

This reminds me of when Internet addiction was made an official mental disorder in China. I’ve also heard quite a few Chinese people say that "the Internet has ruined a generation." And these are just really cute kids. There are also some good links after the break.


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Chinese Youth Internet Addicts Become Cash Cow

| August 25th, 2009


On august 23rd, Famous CCTV Program “Economic Half-Hour” showed an episode called “Youth Internet Addicts Become Cash Cow” focused attentions on the a billion-yuan internet addiction treatment industry. The program pointed out that the lack of supervision causes many institutions to massively profit from parents anxiously finding cure for their kids’ addiction. Electric shocks, medication and violence were used and have already caused physical and mental harm to many Chinese youth.

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China Cracks Down on Internet “Losers”

| August 10th, 2009

Today I learned a new Chinese slang, 庐舍: (Pinyin: Lu She). The original meaning is “farmhouse”. When used as slang it is a phonetic translation of the English word “Loser”. Internet definition: Netizens who are over-indulged in the internet community on chat, animation, games and making friends etc. activities, without ambition and just muddling along. This group of people are so called “Loser Group” or “Loser Clan” (“庐舍族”). This forum post explains with a nice piece of “anti-loser” music video […]Read more…

Cure your Children’s Internet Addiction with Electric Shocks Aversion Therapy

| May 14th, 2009

From QQ:

Recently couple internet posts put “National Expert of Quitting Internet” YANG Yongxin’s (杨永信) internet addiction treatment model into the spotlight.  Currently there are over 100 children remain in Linyi City‘s fourth people’s Hospital in Shandong Province under this treatment, not allowed to leave.  China Youth Daily reporter verifies the qualifications of physicians from other areas of mental health practitioners found that the treatment is using electric shocks to “punish” the person who has “internet addiction”, this stimulation known as […]Read more…