Yan Fengjiao’s indecent photos incident organizer to be deported from China

| November 13th, 2011

From Netease:

Maybe you have never heard of the name Cai Guangming (蔡光明), but certainly you have heard of Yan Fengjiao (闫凤娇), a female contestant on the TV dating show If You Are the One, gained much media attention because of her indecent photos incident. Today, Pilipino male Cai Guangming, suspect in the organizing obscene performance case was sentenced at the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court. Defendant Cai Guangming was found guilty of crime of organizing obscene performances and group licentiousness […]Read more…

Cleaning iPhone screens, 62 Chinese workers poisoned

| May 11th, 2010

From Hong Kong Wen Wei Po:

American multinational corporation Apple is going to launch iPhone 4G, Apple fans around the world eagerly await. But behind the fanaticism, some people paid for it with their health. In Jiangsu Province, China, during the manufacture of the iPhone touch-screen, at least 62 Chinese workers were poisoned and hospitalized due to use of toxic chemical n-Hexane for cleaning of the screens. Many of them have to be hospitalized for months.

A female worker who remained […]Read more…

Actress Fan Bingbing’s autograph accused of being indecent

| May 4th, 2010


Just made into the top 10 2010 Forbes China celebrity list, red hot actress Fan Bingbing has always been the talk of the nation. But recently her autograph was a hot topic of discussion, because supposedly her hand writing is too easily to be associated with something indecent for the imaginative mind. Let’s take a look, her surname Fan ”范”said to be overly simplified and looks like “尸” (a common header for a Chinese character), and the name Bingbing […]Read more…