Mother suffering from cancer refuses chemotherapy to give birth to her son

| May 8th, 2011

From IFeng | translated by Jenny Jiang | edited by Key

“You are my hope.” In a hospital at Pinggu in Beijing, the 28-year-old cancer patient Han Rui was watching her newly born little son, Tiedan, on the screen. In order to give birth to her son, the woman gave up chemotherapy. After giving birth to her son, her tumor increased three to four times in size. (Photos by Yang Jie)

In order to save her son’s life, the mother who was […]Read more…

Memo of health incidents in 2010

| December 15th, 2010

From Southern Metropolis Weekly:

The cruel reality reminds us that we are in the environment of “man-made illnesses”. What can we do? How do we break out?




January 7, over 30 dialysis patients were infected with hepatitis C virus in Anqing City, Anhui Province.  January 11, 16 people were infected in Shou County.

January 22, in Guangzhou, a junior high school boy got meningitis after injection of flu vaccine.

January 25, 18 pregnant women in Shantou city were infected with disease-causing bacteria, led to […]Read more…

Six year old girl with strange illness needs help!

| October 16th, 2010

(From MOP) She wants to go out to see the blue sky, she wants to sing, dance and be happy like other normal children…

6 year old Miao ethnic Shi Yuping should have a happy childhood, but she suffers from a strange illness – belly expansion. September 11, the girl had the initial diagnosis in Beijing, “Overall portal hypertension of liver”, now she is waiting for money to have her treatment at Beijing Erpao hospital. According to the girl’s father, in […]Read more…