Child Trafficking and Sina Weibo

| October 12th, 2011

People who’ve been on Sina Weibo for a while may remember a small movement that came upon that service like a tidal wave earlier this year but was swallowed back into the sea before it ever impacted shore. Hoping to call attention to the plight of street children in China, CASS Professor Yu Jianrong started a Weibo account dedicated to posting photos of street children so that if they were kidnapped, their real parents might recognize them and save them.

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Baby Girl put up for Auction on Taobao

| October 18th, 2009


[Netease] On the afternoon of October 14th MOP BBS appeared a new post, quickly attracted netizens’ attention. Titled with “Putting up their own child for auction, what kind of parents are they?” the post attached with 2 Taobao website screenshots. (Taobao: is a online shopping marketplace for consumers in China. The EBay like auction website.)

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Chinese Orphans Adopted Overseas Finding Home

| September 5th, 2009

[Southern Metropolis Weekly] August 29th Chinese boy Christian met his long-lost birth parents in Beijing. As one of the75,000 Chinese orphans adopted overseas, Christian is one of the few lucky ones that found out about the truth of his life. However, his tortuous experience of finding home is thought provoking, how many children have the same experiences as him? When it was still possible to find their lost love ones, they were sent to overseas for adoption.

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A Father’s Letter to Human Traffickers

| June 21st, 2009

From Sohu:

Women who took my child:

You look pretty, but your action is cruel. Ever since 1997 you kidnapped my child away, our family is no longer a family. Looking for our son, our family has gone to poverty and full of debt, no longer can live in a normal life.

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