Getting amino acids? Student receiving IV drips during study

| May 8th, 2012

From Wenxue City:

As the national college entrance examination is approaching, there are a bunch of students who seem to be the hardest working ones to prepare for it because they get intravenous (IV) drips while studying in class.

The pictures on internet are all from Hubei Xiaogan No. 1 Middle School. The school is saying that students received the amino acids for energy. One of the netizen “边云锦witHu” said the students are willing to do this. This happens every […]Read more…

High school girl looking for a stranger on forum to go to parents meeting

| July 1st, 2011

From IFeng:

Uncle, could you help me to go to the parents meeting?

A high school senior girl was looking for someone to pretend to be her parent and go to the parents meeting because she got a zero on a recent exam.

When netizen, by the name of (小奇葩) "little exotic flower" heard about the parents meeting this Friday, she was totally anxious about it. Running out of ideas, she decided to post this request on the Internet. To her surprises, many […]Read more…

High school student dies during a talk with teacher

| March 31st, 2011

From Sina | translated by Roy | edited by Key

A forum post on the Internet about a “death talk” caused heated discussion, a 17-year-old high school student in Binzhou City (Shandong Province) died suddenly during a talk with his teacher.  It was called “death by talking” (谈话死) on the Internet. The talk lasted only 20 minutes.

Our reporter went to the school at 1:30 p.m. The 2 guards said the leaders were not there, they don’t usually go to work […]Read more…

High school student commits suicide after being scolded by teacher

| March 23rd, 2011

From Mop | translated by Jue | edited by Key

On the afternoon of March 14th, 10th grade student Zhang Zhipeng from the Third Secondary School of Pucheng, Fujian was scolded and insulted by his homeroom teacher in the teachers’ office because Zhang had been playing with his cell phone in class. Then his parents were called to school by the teacher. Zhang Zhipeng had made apology to the teacher but she didn’t accept it and continued to verbally abuse Zhang. […]Read more…

A day in the high school of hell

| February 21st, 2011

When I took off my shirt in front of the mirror, I was scared by my reflection. Pits carved deep into my skin between my neck and clavicles; my belly was as flat as an exhausted balloon leaving my chest hanging on my body like a pair of high-relief sculpture; and each one of my rib was covered tightly under my skin protruded so hard on my chest that I could count them one by one. I wasn’t in concentration […]Read more…