What stole happiness away from Chinese people?

| September 13th, 2010

(From Tugus) Chinese people, why are you unhappy? What stole happiness away from Chinese people? Author Hei Jian visited 40 countries to seek happiness.

A few years ago, University of Leicester social psychologist White visited over 80,000 people from 178 countries and regions and drew the world’s first “World Map of Happiness”. Surprisingly, the top county was Denmark. Denmark is a country of ice and snow, the southernmost latitude is still north of Heilongjiang Province of China (China’s northernmost province). […]Read more…

Valentine’s Day E-Marriage Proposal Guarantees to Woo your Lover

| February 12th, 2009

Valentine’s Day is near, it should not cost you a fortune to woo your lover or even propose for marriage. A Chinese netizen shares her love note that she got from her "husband". He gets her head over heels; she gets every Chinese girl envious and jealous.

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