Actress Fan Bingbing’s autograph accused of being indecent

| May 4th, 2010


Just made into the top 10 2010 Forbes China celebrity list, red hot actress Fan Bingbing has always been the talk of the nation. But recently her autograph was a hot topic of discussion, because supposedly her hand writing is too easily to be associated with something indecent for the imaginative mind. Let’s take a look, her surname Fan ”范”said to be overly simplified and looks like “尸” (a common header for a Chinese character), and the name Bingbing […]Read more…

Cross-dressing boy entering singing contest, judges and viewers stunned

| May 3rd, 2010

“Super Boy” or ”Happy Boy”, inspired by UK show Pop idol, is a national singing contest in China for male contestants as a spin off the popular series “Super Girl” or “Happy Girl”. A 2010 Happy Boy southern division contestant Liu Zhu (刘著) are attracting more attentions recently because he went on the show looking just like a girl, wearing heavy makeup, pink stockings and high heels.

According to his Baidu wiki page, Liu Zhu was born in January 9, 1991, […]Read more…

Posting and Making fun of a Rape Case online, Policewoman accused of being Unethical

| October 8th, 2009


 The post on Tianya named “Talking about the hot and spicy rape case…” was apparently posted by a policewoman who was the transcript recorder for a rape case reported on October 7th. In the post, this policewoman called the content of the report “ridiculously shocking” and gave her own opinion on the case. However some netizens strongly criticized her work ethic as a police officer, accused her action of “making fun of rape case by posting it online” and “exposing […]Read more…