Freedur VPN subscription giveaway!

| August 15th, 2010

It’s that time of the year again, our partner/advertiser Freedur is offering a big promotion and we are giving away free subscriptions again! Hope those of you who won last time have enjoyed the giveaway.

If you are in China right now and need VPN software to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc… or for some reason you just want to surf the internet anonymously or want to bypass SOME KIND OF FIREWALL, we are giving away 10 one year subscriptions of […]Read more…

Facebook, “Must Die” (in China)

| June 10th, 2010

From Zhangshuyue’s blog:


The inside information of Facebook to enter China came in mid-April 2010, said that the earliest will be within three months. Then followed by a Chinese headhunter company said that Facebook already commissioned them to recruit the relevant General Manager in China, mainly in charge of the gaming business. On the surface, according to various sources Facebook is really going to enter China. These speculations on the king of the SNS industry created heated discussions all over […]Read more…

A Chinese Netizen’s open letter to U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

| January 26th, 2010

Jan, 21, 2010: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gives a speech on Internet freedom at the Newseum in Washington, DC.

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How did Chinese government respond to this speech?

From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China:

Q: In her speech on internet freedom on January 21, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commented on China’s […]Read more…

Introducing PAPER BUS: a free proxy service

| January 21st, 2010

We just ended the Freedur VPN giveaway drawing, and the winners were announced here today. Thank you all for participating in the drawing! If you didn’t win, here is the good news, also good news for those of you in China. There is a new way for you to browse the internet freely and it is FREE! Introducing PAPER BUS a Free proxy service brought you by Open Terrace Ltd the same company that made Freedur.

PAPERBUS has just been […]Read more…

Freedur VPN subscription giveaways!

| January 14th, 2010

For those of you that are in China right now and need VPN software to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, (soon Google?) etc… or for some reason you just want to surf the internet anonymously or want to bypass SOME KIND OF FIREWALL, we are giving away 10 six month subscriptions of Freedur 2.1 VPN software for free! It will allow you to do all of that. And they are valued at 39.95 USD each!

To Participate in the drawing, all […]Read more…

More Chinese opinions on Google leaving China (Keso vs. People’s Daily)

| January 14th, 2010

I picked these two articles because they showed two completely different views on the Google China situation in China. First one is a blog post written by KESO (洪波) a well-known IT blogger in China.  (I have translated one of is blog posts back when Kai-fu Lee resigned from Google China.) The latter one is an article from one of the Chinese media site: People’s daily, written by a netizen named Jiang Bojing (姜伯静).  Compare them for yourself…

Google […]Read more…

Gmail security breach, want some proof?

| January 13th, 2010

Just 2 days ago CC sent me a link to a Chinese blog post about how he noticed his personal emails from Gmail account was accessed and screened by GFW. I was skeptical and thought it could just be a hoax or hype or just a theory. And today, the news broke out. Google officially announced that they will no longer provide censored searches for because they faced cyber attacks originated from China which targeted Gmail accounts of […]Read more…

Freedom On the Internet

| October 26th, 2009

How would you like to live in a world without facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr etc. What would you do if I tell you starting from tomorrow you are not allowed to access these sites anymore? As many of you probably already know, this is actually a reality in China – a country which has the highest number of internet users. Due to censorship policy in China, especially Internet Censorship, as for now, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flickr etc. […]Read more…

Viral Video: One Unfortunate Man Climbing the Wall

| September 10th, 2009

This viral video is called “One Obscene Man” (一猥琐男), first appeared on Tudou on June 28 2009.    According to Netease forum post, netizen who first uploaded the original video added some explanations briefly described the story. He/she also added “this short video is dedicated to those students who have climbed the wall in order to access the internet. Hope you have not experienced similar things.”  The “wall” here is referring to the GFW – Great Firewall of China which is […]Read more…

Censorship vs. Innovation in China

| July 29th, 2009

Most people already know the issues on Censorship in China. Especially Internet Censorship, as for now, Twitter, YouTube, facebook and flickr etc. are all blocked in China. Netizens spend numerous times on techniques on how to get over the “Great Firewall of China”. This is an ongoing topic being discussed to death. Many blogs are dedicated for this issue, dedicated to show people how to “climb over the wall”.  So you can probably find plenty information on this if […]Read more…