Taxi Drove into Flooded Street, Driver Abandoned Car and Left Two Passengers Drowned

| August 9th, 2009

[Sohu] After days of heavy rain in Chongqing, streets were flooded with water. The underpass at the “Dragon Head Temple” (龙头寺) train station cumulated 1.58 meters of water on the morning of August 5th 2009. While driving through the underpass, a taxi with 5 passengers was submerged by flood, resulting 2 deaths. One of the two drowned passengers was a 2 year old boy. Taxi driver Wen Hui (文辉) who abandoned passengers in order to save his own life was […]Read more…

Flood Strikes Southern China

| July 4th, 2009

NDDaily reports Flood hits Guangxi province Geshui county over 20 towns and cities. The most severely affected is the county capital. Most of the south and central area of the town were heavily flooded. Major streets’ traffic are disrupted, most of the stores are under water.

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