The daily life of grass root models

| September 26th, 2014

25 years old Xiao Ling comes from Gansu Province, she has been modeling in Shanxi Province for 3 years now. She met her current roommate Xiao Xie from one of her fashion show and they had become inseparable since.


Auto show and photography modeling are their main source of work. Unlike professional models, they have to live with very unstable booking. According to Xiao Ling, she can make about 4000 yuan (about 650 USD) in a good month. The auto shows […]Read more…

Ancient Chinese court uses westerner looking mannequins

| November 9th, 2011

(From Chongqing online) Ancient dynastic style buildings, old temples, slab roads, ancient court replica, every thing looks pleasantly primitive and simple in Song Gai Ancient Town (松溉古镇), a historical tourist spot in Chongqing City. However, a recent post on the Internet pointed out a “humiliating” flaw in the court replica that ruins the overall antiquity of the ancient town: the judge and bailiffs are mannequins that look like westerner fashion models in ancient court costumes.

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Hermès sweater design ridiculed by Chinese netizens

| September 12th, 2011

Most Chinese young people are familiar with the sweater like this one in the above picture. Back in the days when most people couldn’t afford expensive clothes from the shopping malls or boutiques, mother is the most trustworthy tailor in every family. For that reason, fashion not the major concern of most mothers and a sweater knit by mother looks just like the one in the picture.. However, the sweater in above picture is not just another sweater knit by […]Read more…

From 1900 to 2010, variation of Chinese woman fashion

| October 4th, 2010

(The following content is translated from New Weekly via Netease. 侯虹斌 is the author of the Chinese version.)


Women strive to make themselves beautiful to live up the beauty standard in their imagination. The standards may differ from time to time, but one fact never changes that women’s temperament, aura, mindset, thinking and action will all glow through their appearances . Analyzing the making of women’s beauty can give us a read on the  spirit of the time and its aesthetic […]Read more…

Huge painting of Brother Xili, is Brother Sharp still sharp?

| May 16th, 2010

Xili Bro, also known as Brother Sharp, a homeless man raved by Chinese netizens because of his fashion style and sexy looks and became a fashion icon and even made his presence on the international media.

After reunited with his long lost family, Brother Sharp recently signed with a fashion company and even walked his first fashion show on May 1.  Though it wasn’t very successful because Xili Bro was too nervous and had only walked the stage for a […]Read more…

The Aesthetics of Two: In defense of childishness

| April 12th, 2010

A fashion phenomenon spreading through East Asia is matching outfits for couples. Personally, I find nothing wrong with such outfits – I think they are endearing, creative, and open up opportunities for collaboration. However, the usual response I’ve noticed from people from Western countries is that it is childish, immature, and the ever descriptive "gay" (check out comments from here and here). I say: Why not have fun with our significant other? Why don’t we aesthetically display our affection?

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Hello! Comrade! Gay China

| August 21st, 2009

Hong Huang’s (洪晃) fashion magazine “ILOOK” shot another “edge ball”! (An activity that is ambiguous in its legal status) She invited China’s best designer Xander Zhou (周翔宇) as the guest editor and China’s cutting-edge photographer Trunk Xu (许闯), visually putting Chinese gays into her magazine. Total of 160 pages, directly presented Chinese gays’ life style. Guest editor Xander Zhou is on the cover page with the title “中国真高兴-Gay China”. (a pun of popular book “China is Unhappy“)

This article from Netease […]Read more…

Chinese National Flag Bikini Fashion Show at Water Cube Sets off Online Debate

| June 21st, 2009

From and everywhere else:

June 8, the 6th “Sha-ho Cup” China Swimwear Design Contest Finals were hosted at the National Swimming Center “Water Cube”. However one of the swimwear designs using China’s National Flag caused heated discussion and debate. Does using National Flag as a design of swimwear tarnish the Nation Flag or even the Nation? Should this be condemned?

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