Yangtze River water turns bright red

| September 7th, 2012

From Netease:

“Wow, the Yangtze River is like the Yellow River now!” Yesterday, at the Chaotianmen Pier of the Yangtze River in Chongqing, many tourists found the color of Yangtze River became unusually red. The environmental protection department speculated that this may be due to river sand brought from upstream during flood season.

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American high school boy becomes popular for singing Chinese song

| July 25th, 2012

Today, one of the trending topic on Sina Weibo is #美国男生翻唱中文歌走红#  #American boy sings Chinese songs and becomes popular#.

Recently, a video of an American high school boy, Clay Garner, Chinese name Gaoshan (高山) singing the Chinese song “Jar of Love” (我的歌声里) originally written and sang by Artist Qu Wanting, gain popularity on the Chinese Internet.  Lyrics: “Appeared just like that, in my world, brings me surprise…” Netizens thought Gaoshan’s Chinese is unbelievable, and his handsome playing and singing are […]Read more…

China releases Entertainment Restriction on TV programs

| November 25th, 2011

On Oct. 24th 2011, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) issued the Further Strengthening the TV Star Integrated Channel Program Management Advice (《关于进一步加强电视上星综合频道节目管理的意见》), aiming to curtail the excessive entertainment TV programs. The document is thus called by the Chinese public as another “Entertainment Restriction” (限娱令) on television programs.

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"No more time-travel drama", authority says it disrespects history

| April 3rd, 2011

From QQ:

Now there’s an interesting trend in China’s film and television industry: more and more time-travel themed dramas are made and aired. In these time-travel based TV plays, usually the protagonist is from the modern time and for some reasons and via some means, travels through time and all the way back to the ancient China where he/she will constantly experience the "culture shock" but gradually get used to it and eventually develop a romance in that era. Though […]Read more…

Actress Fan Bingbing’s autograph accused of being indecent

| May 4th, 2010


Just made into the top 10 2010 Forbes China celebrity list, red hot actress Fan Bingbing has always been the talk of the nation. But recently her autograph was a hot topic of discussion, because supposedly her hand writing is too easily to be associated with something indecent for the imaginative mind. Let’s take a look, her surname Fan ”范”said to be overly simplified and looks like “尸” (a common header for a Chinese character), and the name Bingbing […]Read more…

Cross-dressing boy entering singing contest, judges and viewers stunned

| May 3rd, 2010

“Super Boy” or ”Happy Boy”, inspired by UK show Pop idol, is a national singing contest in China for male contestants as a spin off the popular series “Super Girl” or “Happy Girl”. A 2010 Happy Boy southern division contestant Liu Zhu (刘著) are attracting more attentions recently because he went on the show looking just like a girl, wearing heavy makeup, pink stockings and high heels.

According to his Baidu wiki page, Liu Zhu was born in January 9, 1991, […]Read more…

A China-inspired playlist

| April 22nd, 2010

Some audiences have called it “cute,” while others have dubbed it “cheesy,” but French-Vietnamese producer Arnaud Bertrand’s album, Chinoiseries, has brought a bit of international spunk into underground hip hop. For me and my dance-themed radio show, that’s cultured.

Bertrand, known by his fans as “Onra,” found inspiration for this style on a trip to Vietnam, where he bought Chinese records from the 1960s and ’70s. He mixed nasally, high-pitched vocals from one of these old school songs with Chinese, big-band […]Read more…

Qiu Shaoyun and Yao Ming – Icon Vs. Entertainment – What a nation follows as example

| February 5th, 2010

The following is a guest post by Matt Sawtell


Qiu Shaoyun and Yao Ming – Icon Vs. Entertainment – What a nation follows as example By Matthew A. Sawtell, a.k.a. Uncle Laowai – January 25, 2008

As a laowai, it has been interesting to observe the history of P.R. China from an outside perspective – especially in the terms of icons and entertainment that have come into the national consciousness since the early 1950s to today.  From […]Read more…

Chinese netizen lists the most worth watching horror movies

| December 11th, 2009

From MOP: Looking for a good scary movie for the weekend? Chinese netizen recommends a list of horror movies that are the most worth watching.  Surprisingly most of them are from Korea and Thailand, then followed by Japan.

I always think good horror movie should not be purely gruesome and purely scary. When people finish watching a good horror movie other than feeling scared, they should also ponder some social issues…  Enough talking, let’s start the pictures.

Chinese name: 变鬼(609猛鬼套房) […]Read more…

The struggle of the sexless class

| December 2nd, 2009

Hi everyone, I’ve already written a few posts for ChinaHush but I guess I should formally introduce myself. My name is CC and I’m currently studying philosophy at Peking University. I will graduate next spring from George Washington University. You can read more about me in the “About” section or e-mail me about anything at cc.huang2 at gmail dot com. Also – other places I am on the Internet: Chinamatic, Responsible China, Twitter, Tumblr.

"Dwelling Narrowness" (蜗居) (A Romance of House) […]Read more…

Singer Chen Lin Jumped off a Building to her Death at age 39

| November 2nd, 2009

October 31 2009, mainland singer Chen Lin (陈琳) jumped to her death from Dongba Olympic Garden building 701 9th floor (in Beijing). She was 39. Her current husband Zhang Chaofeng (张超峰) when contacted by the reporter said “I feel terrible, even have difficulty breathing”.

Chen Lin’s body was found in a garden under the residential building at around 6 in the morning. She was “wearing a surgical mask, a gray jacket, jeans, a hat and a pair of red leather shoes. […]Read more…

I Brought Michael Jackson into China

| June 27th, 2009

From NetEase Blog by Zhang Yanbin (臧彦彬):

This morning heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death I felt sorrow and regret. This world lost a great musician.

Jackson is the representative of an era. He represented a prosperous era, this era is irreplaceable. I feel very lucky to be the one who first officially introduced Jackson’s music to people of China in 1994.

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Taiwan Singer Ah Sang (阿桑) Died of Breast Cancer At 34

| April 10th, 2009

NetEast Entertainment, April 6 Reports: According to the latest news by Taiwan ETTV, it is reported that the singer A Sang (阿桑) who sang the "Lonely in singing" and "Leaves" died at 8:30 am on April 6 at Xindian Ciji Hospital, suffering from the end-stage of breast cancer since October last year. She was only 34 years old.

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Fans Pay Tribute to Leslie Cheung on Sixth Death Anniversary

| April 1st, 2009

Source NetEast: 1 2 3 4


April 1st is Leslie Cheung’s sixth death anniversary. Fans from all over the world held various memorial services to pay their tributes to this Hong Kong pop star “big brother” (Leslie’s nick name) on his sixth death anniversary. On April 1st, 2003, Leslie Cheung leaped to his death from the top floor of Mandarin Oriental Hotel after suffering from depression. Every year since then his fans held memorial service activities in front of the hotel.

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