Who was behind the panic buying of salt?

| April 2nd, 2011

From Netease: translated by Roy

Last 2 weeks, some cities in China were running short on salt due to the earthquake in Japan. March 17, salt in some supermarket was snatched within an hour. People felt depressed facing the empty salt shelf.

The earthquake in Japan caused the nuclear crisis. With the rumors like “Iodized salt can protect people from radioactivity”, “Chinese salt will be polluted by radiation.” spreading on the Internet and cell phones, people in China all joined into the […]Read more…

China clarifies salt shortage rumors due to nuclear crisis in Japan

| March 22nd, 2011

From Netease | Translated by Jue | Edited by Key

China News Agency, Beijing March 17th

Recently, there has been shopping spree for salt in some parts of China due to the growing nuclear crisis in Japan and the rumors that iodized salt will be capable to protect oneself from nuclear radiation, also with the fears that nuclear leaks would affect coastal areas in China and the marine products and salt would also be contaminated.

Therefore on March 17th, Chinese National Salt […]Read more…

Chinese people’s complex feeling toward Japan’s catastrophe

| March 20th, 2011

Source: MOP

The current catastrophe in Japan is all over the news in China now. It is so predominant that the earthquake in the country’s southern city Yunnan province was eclipsed to some extent. However, behind the attention is Chinese people’s different and mixed attitude toward this tragedy in Japan.

While most people expressing their concern and empathy to the people in Japan in various forms, voice of different opinion are not any weaker.

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Jackie Chan questioned for empty promise of donation to rebuild school

| September 4th, 2010

Jackie Chan always seems to be in the center of the controversies. He had just caused uproar with his Twitter statement of “Support for Filipino Police” post the Manila Incident and became the “Disgrace of Hong Kong” (香港之耻). Now he is questioned for his empty promise of a donation to rebuild Beichuan Middle School after the 2008 Wenchun earthquake.

[Hong Kong “WenWei Po” May 12, 2009]

(Netease) On September 1, 2010, the new Beichuan Middle School is officially open for the […]Read more…

Earthquake IV Bottle Boy gets free admission to Shanghai Jiao Tong University

| July 14th, 2010

(Netease) China Youth Daily reports on July 13, “My engagement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University finally became true.” On June 5, after hearing the news of being admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University without examination from his class adviser, “IV Bottle Boy” Li Yang was so excited his heart almost jumped out.

Li Yang was a student at Beichuan middle school. During the Wenchuan earthquake, Li Yang was lucky enough to escape the disaster. One student named Liao Bo was […]Read more…

April 21st, China’s day of national mourning for victims in Yushu earthquake

| April 21st, 2010


7:49 a.m. on April 14th, Yushu Tibetan autonomous region of Qinghai Province (33.1N, 96.7S, located on the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at an average elevation of 4493.4 meters) was shaken by an earthquake of MS 7.1, resulting in 2064 dead, 175 missing and 12135 injured of which 1434 are of severe condition, as calculated by 5 p.m. April 20th.

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Illegal immigrants: the most helpless Chinese people in Haiti earthquake

| January 24th, 2010

From Southern Weekend:

After the Haiti earthquake happened for couple of days, Huang Keqiang’s (黄克锵) cell phone and QQ was vibrating nonstop, messages coming from his hometown Fujian surged at him. After Heidi’s earthquake, the president of China Lin Zexu Foundation (中国林则徐基金会) who is now the permanent resident of New York City immediately released all of his contact information online. January 16, the fourth day after the earthquake struck, he gathered over hundreds of the missing fellow villagers’ names, these people […]Read more…

China cares about Haiti, because we once endured “earthquake pain”

| January 15th, 2010

From Beijing News: by Shi Jia (石嘉)

The reason China’s reaction was so fast when after Haiti earthquake struck, is perhaps due to our painful memories of the (Wenchuan) earthquake. Disasters do not happen frequently, but difficulties happen very often. Maybe if we only land a helping hand, they would not be buried; if only we help out a little, they would not be submerged.

Haiti earthquake shook far more than just the people of Haiti. On January 14 […]Read more…

80 Percent of the Earthquake Relief Donation Went to the Chinese Government

| August 13th, 2009

A set of data attracted people’s attentions on the Chinese Internet – after a six month investigation Qinghua university institute of public administration team concluded that, charitable contributions coming from all over the country, a value of up to 76.712 billion Yuan of earthquake relief fund and materials donations, 80% of that may have gone to the Chinese government’s financial accounts, became government’s “extra income”, controlled by the government for disasters. Among the entire contributions, 58% of the donations […]Read more…

Wenchuan Earthquake Museum is about to Open

| May 8th, 2009

May 12, 2009 marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the Sichuan province of China. Wenchuan earthquake museum is built within one year to commemorate this disaster.

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