Kebab worker dream came true with Hotel California adaptation

| September 20th, 2011

From Yangtze Evening News and sohu:

Recently a video clip named “Hotel California adapted by a cook” has brought a kebab worker into the spotlight. The clip generated over 2.7 million clicks and 60,000 retweets on weibo within the first 6 days. Netizens forwarded the clip saying “everyone is remarkable as long as you have dream” or “if you are touched by his voice, forward on”.

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Dreams in the box

| January 27th, 2011

December 5, 2010, 11:53 pm Sunday night, Leilei was looking for some clothes at home and suddenly stopped her search. Leilei was born in the summer of 1983. From a small town in southern China, 9 years ago she was admitted into a very famous engineering university in Beijing, 5 years ago she started her master’s program and 3 years ago she started working. Currently, according to statistics Leilei’s income is in the top 12 percent of Beijing.

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Chinese wanna-be artists fight for their dreams as platoon of the NCEE army

| March 12th, 2010

From gzdaily

People often describe the annually national college entrance examination (NCEE) as thousands of militants crossing a single-log bridge, from which one can almost imagine how many students fall off just because of the path being too difficult. While the whole army is marching, a little platoon consist of music students, art students, performance students etc takes a byroad to get to the same destination – university.

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