The ones left behind by fast growing China

| September 9th, 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals in China, a day when the moon reaches its perfect roundness of the year and families come together to enjoy moon cakes and grapefruits under the silver moon shine. However, in some rural areas of China, this precious family ritual has become luxury that many families can’t afford.

Thanks to the unprecedented speed of urbanization, China becomes the world’s second largest economy. While the society is moving forward everyday, many children are […]Read more…

“Father, I was arrested in Dongguan!” — Scammers using Dongguan prostitution sting to steal money

| February 13th, 2014

Scammers are being quick to capitalize on the publicity of the huge prostitution raid in Dongguan, Guangdong on February 9. Messages are spreading from people claiming to be sons who were been arrested in the city and need money to get released. To those Chinese fathers out there who might have received such a message, you can relax: It’s (probably) not true.

Chinese Securities Net reported:

After the police launched a massive “eliminate yellow” raid on the sex industry of Dongguan, a […]Read more…

Not good enough for jail, AIDS gives drug dealers immunity

| November 7th, 2011

(From gzdaily) Oct 29th in a village of Dongguan City, 36-year-old Mr Zhou was caught dealing drugs by street patrol. However, when the police came to the spot and found 4 gram of heroin on him, instead of arresting Zhou, the police let him walk because Zhou was an AIDS and  tuberculosis patient. “No prison will take him in anyways” the police says.

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Male factory workers who make bras

| March 10th, 2011

A set of photos of male factory workers in Dongguan making bras was made popular on MOP.

Bra and man, putting these two words together, I believe many people would laugh, as if no more words needed to explain. However in the underwear factories that are widespread across Dongguan, these two words are absolutely combined into one. He creates it, and it feed him.

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Prostitutes paraded through streets causes debate, responsible police suspended

| July 29th, 2010

Recently, Dongguan Police launched a “Creating safety, Welcoming the Asian Games” sweeping the yellow movement. (扫黄: [saohuang] sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry) from which, a set of pictures of prostitutes being paraded through the streets stirred up some heated discussions on the Internet. In these photos, two fashionable suspected prostitutes, not only were barefoot, but also were handcuffed and leashed with a long rope, looking like they were identifying the scene.

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What it takes for rich to catch a robber? Hint: Porsche, helicopter and launch

| July 19th, 2010

Two men in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province decided to grab some quick money when night fell on July 15th. So they rode out their motorcycle and dashed to a pedestrian to grab his bag. What was in there head at the grab of the bag? Anything but the picture of being chased down by a superrich in Porsche and later cornered in a pond by his helicopter and launch.

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Avatar tickets in China most expensive in the world

| January 8th, 2010

Avatar ticket prices will go up next week in China because the demand is so great, which means the ticket prices for the movie in IMAX-3D will be the highest in the world! Chinese netizens are complaining that, people in China, where the average income is 20 times lower than the U.S., have to pay three times as much as the people in the U. S for the same ticket. There are even talks of viewing strikes on the BBS […]Read more…

Is Dongguan “sweeping the yellow” or just blowing smokes?

| December 9th, 2009

黄: (huang2) yellow: pornography and prostitution 扫黄: (sao3huang2) sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry 东莞: (dong1guan1) Dongguan: a prosperous city in Guangdong province of China that is full of factories and businesses. Mommy: (usually) a middle-aged lady who is in charge of a group of young girls sexual services.

Dongugan’s sweeping the yellow part 1

From Southern Metropolis Weekly

“Ten thousand girls go […]Read more…