Central government regulates “Naked Officials”

| July 27th, 2010


China news agency, Beijing reported in September16, 2009 that according to the Ministry of Commerce survey, in the last 30 years about 4,000 corrupted officials fled the country and carried away about 50 billion USD with them. Today, fleeing corrupt officials have become a major problem that Chinese government faces.

(Southern Weekender) To address this issue, according to Xinhua News Agency, the CPC Central Committee General Office, State Council recently issued “Interim Provisions to strengthen management on national staffs whose spouses […]Read more…

Head of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Justice executed – the last moments of his life

| July 8th, 2010

From Netease:

The former Chief of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Justice Wen Qiang (文强) was executed on July 7. The Supreme Court firmly believes that he accepted huge amount of bribes, the circumstances are serious and causes great social harm. He was prosecuted for the crimes of harboring and abetting crime syndicates, obtaining large amounts of property from unidentified sources and rape.

Wen Qiang thus became the first Chief of the Public Security Bureau being sentenced to death and executed.

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Communication University professor’s casting couch affair

| March 10th, 2010

From Bandao.cn and everywhere else:

Beijing Times March 10 reports, recently a post titled “Communication University female student, victim of casting couch, exposes professor’s sex photos” stirred up netizens heated discussions. A woman claimed to be graduated from Communication University of China published blog posts, said that she was victimized by Film and Television Art teacher Song Nannan’s (宋南男) “casting couch”. Yesterday afternoon, school has been informed of the matter, but whether if there will be investigation or not shall be […]Read more…

Han Han:Han Feng is a good cadre in China, and 97% surveyed agree

| March 5th, 2010

Over the overwhelming scolds and contempt upon Han Feng, Tobacco Sales Bureau Director of Guangxi province, some critics choose to look at his notorious sex diary at a comparative perspective, and do get different conclusions about him. Han Han, renowned writer, professional car racer and sina.com.cn’s No.1 blogger, wrote on his blog “Han Feng is a good cadre” 10:58 a.m. March 4th.

The post generated 461,526 clicks and 6,144 comments by 12 p.m March 5th. He soon attached an 24-hour online […]Read more…

Chief Director’s sex diary exposed

| March 4th, 2010

From Qingdao News:

Guangxi province Tobacco Sales Bureau Director Han Feng (韩峰) likes to write diary. He writes freely, almost hides nothing in his diary. How the meeting went at work, how he got hotel rooms after work, how much money he collected, how many colleagues or subordinates he slept with, who he drank with and gave gifts to… all of these are concisely recorded with real names in his diary.

Then, this diary somehow was published online and became the […]Read more…

Mistress forces corrupted official to accept bribes with tears in his eyes

| February 1st, 2010

From Guangzhou Daily:

Another corrupted official fell off the horse because of his mistress. Zhen City former deputy secretary, deputy director of the People’s Congress party, Qiu Huosheng was charged with bribery of 1.05 million yuan and stood trial yesterday at Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court. During the trial, Qiu said the reason of him taking bribery was because his mistress Ms. Han was blackmailing him, 0.98 million yuan of the dirty money all went into the mistress’ pocket.

60-year-old Qiu Huosheng was […]Read more…

Transparency and corruption – two sides of the same coin?

| January 24th, 2010

“The most expensive website in history” is the infamous name for the new Confucius Institute website, a name dubbed by the Chinese media and public. The Ministry of Finance recently announced the cost of the new Confucius Institutes website (here) and the new China Trade Union website. It seems to be the general consensus among the netizens that 35,200,000 RMB and 6,700,000 RMB are absolutely ridiculous amounts to be paying for a single website. A Chinese netizen, DASH, who […]Read more…

The porno on your cell phone can get you arrested in China

| January 9th, 2010

If you ever travel in China by train, make sure you don’t have any porno on your cell phone, or else you could be jailed!


From Zhengzhou evening news:

“A couple arrested for watching porn at home”, an incident happened 7 years ago which had triggered a national debate over the relationships and boundaries between the law and individual rights. Chongqing resident Zhao Peng (not his real name) never would have thought 7 years have passed but similar incident […]Read more…

Top eight high-ranking officials “fall off the horse” in 2009 because of sex scandals

| December 31st, 2009

First of all happy new year! Bye bye 2009 and hello 2010! ChinaHush is founded in 2009, today I will like to thank everyone for reading and supporting ChinaHush in the past year! 

And what would be more appropriate than ending 2009 with another tally?

From Yahoo!

1. Chen Shaoyong (陈少勇): Former Secretary of Provincial Committee and Standing Committee in Fujian Province, was under “regulations” (双规 Shuanggui: ordered to give a clear explanation of one’s issues; give a confession) in July 2008 […]Read more…

Female Graduate Student Bribed 70 Year Old Professor with Sex for PhD admission

| August 19th, 2009

Central Conservatory of Music  (the national leading musical institution in Beijing, China This is their website) 70 year old doctoral advisor professor Liang Maocun (梁茂春) had sexual relations with Shenyang Conservatory of Music MS Graduate (class of 2003) Zou Jiahong (邹佳宏). He also accepted 100,000 yuan in bribe from her in order to “help” her to be admitted to the PhD program in CCOM. This is recently exposed so called “Exam Gate” incident.

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Sudden Death of a Woman After Checked into a Hotel with Chief Official

| July 26th, 2009

Lu Jun (吕军) is number one ranked official at Hunan province Hengdong county Water and Power department serving as the department chief. On July 15 after noon, Lu and a female worker of Industry and Commerce department of the same county checked into a hotel. When the woman walked out of the hotel, she suddenly fell to the ground and died. Right now Lu has been suspended and is under investigation.

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Shishou (石首) Incident: Tens of Thousands People Guarding one Dead Body, Armed Police Suppressed Crowd

| June 23rd, 2009

From Popyard:

June 17 to June 20, Hubei province Shishou (石首) (city) a hotel chef’s strange death caused tens of thousands of people gathering and road blocking. Party secretary of Hubei Province Luo Qingquan (罗清泉) and Hubei governor Li Hongzhong (李鸿忠) visited the city to dispose the case. Till 20th to 21st morning, the situation has gradually subsided. The corpse were in the hotel were sent to a funeral parlor and crowd dispersed.

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Former CEO of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport Group Receives Death Penalty for Acceptance of Bribes

| February 11th, 2009

From Sohu

Xinhua news agency telegrams on Feb. 10th, Shan Dong (山东) province Jinan (济南) intermediate people’s court has reached verdict on former CEO of Beijing Capital Int’l Airport Group Li, Peiying (李培英)’s case.  The court declared the defendant guilty of accepting bribes, sentenced him death penalty, and be deprived of political rights for life, confiscate all personal possessions; also guilty of embezzlement, sentenced death penalty with sentence suspended for two years, deprived of political rights for life, confiscate all personal […]Read more…