Jissbon condoms sued for posing as foreign brand

| February 28th, 2011

From Netease: Translated by Echo

Content abstract: The condom manufacturer Jissbon was sued for posing as foreign brand to deceive customers. This case was tried in Guangzhou Tianhe People’s Court on Feb. 25th. Mr. Zhang, the plaintiff said that Jissbon claimed to be a UK brand while it was actually a domestic company that was registered by Wuhan Jissbon Health Products Co., Ltd in China. Mr. Zhang believes it is fraud and he demands a double refund of payment for Jissbon […]Read more…

Condom cell phone chain, “for emergency use”

| October 31st, 2010

(IFeng) Cartoon characters, football, flowers, playing cards… in the age of individualism, students’ cell phone chain could be multifarious. But can you imagine condom being a cell phone charm? Currently, this condom cell phone charm appeared on the market in Nanning. Most people bought this are high school and vocational school students. They feel it is “fresh”, “cool” and “shows character”, some even said it is “for emergency use”.

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Underground Factory Making Fake Brand Name Condoms

| September 16th, 2009

Unpackaged, bare condoms were directly placed in the fiber bags. Lubricants were stored in large oil drums. In this 20 square meters of workshop, condoms full of dust scattered all over the floor. Workers were working topless. On the “production line” the “sophisticated” fake “Durex” package bags were continuously being made. This is an amazing scene of a residential house in Xinhui community, Shaoyang (city) Shaodong district, Hunan province


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