Worm found in imported milk powder, no compensation until worm’s nationality checked

| October 30th, 2011

(From QQ news) Many Chinese parents have switched to imported milk powder after the 2008 Chinese milk scandal and other subsequent milk scandals. To guarantee babies’ health, parents don’t mind spending extra money on imported milk powder, many even travel to HK or ask friends in foreign countries to bring back milk powder.

However, not all imported milk powder are safe. Mr Wang recently bought a can of Frisolac milk powder imported from Netherland for his baby, […]Read more…

Mother forgives hit-and-run driver who paralyzed her son

| October 24th, 2011


(The couple take little Mengshi out for a walk everyday)

(From Jinghua Times) In the afternoon of Oct 2nd 2008, 4-year-old boy Mengshi got hit by an agricultural truck while playing at roadside. Driver sent the boy to the hospital and disappeared after leaving 3000 yuan behind. Little Mengshi woke up from coma 3 months later only to find that he has to stay in bed ever after due to severe brain damage. He can’t walk nor talk and his […]Read more…

Rejected disabled passengers smash airport counter and claim for 10 m compensation

| January 2nd, 2011

(From cnwnews.com) Dec 28, a wheel chair crashed the window of Shenzhen Airline’s check-in counter in Capital Airport. It was during noon time when two people on wheel chairs, Zheng Wei Ning and Liu Hai Jun, and a volunteer came to check in only to be told to switch to another airline. Airline manager explained that disabled would be difficult to leave in the case of plane accident. Feeling discriminated, one told the volunteer to thrown their luggage and wheel […]Read more…

Caught cheating in public, official sues police for causing impotence

| November 3rd, 2010

From gglsw.cn:

October 23, 2010, at around 9 pm, when a Yizhou Road, Linyi City policeman was patrolling Phoenix Plaza, he saw a parked black Santana rocking and swaying. When forcefully opened the car door he saw a man and a woman, naked in the car, the front seats were leaned all the way back, tissue paper and red bull cans on the back seat. After interrogation, the man named Li Jingwei turned out to be one of the leaders […]Read more…

The war’s on! Peasant builds blockhouse to fight against force demolition

| June 14th, 2010

(From ctdsw) To protect his contracted property from being demolished by force, 56 years old peasant Yang Youde builds a blockhouse on his farming land and successfully scares the demolition team away twice using fire-tubes. Yang says he is not nail-household who struggles for higher compensation, he is just fighting to justify what he entitled to by laws.

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69-year-old granny buried alive, family members get 5 homes plus 600,000 as compensation

| March 19th, 2010

From Qianjiang Evening News

Wang Cuiyun, a 69-year-old granny’s last photo, a few hours later, she was buried alive in the ditch. Behind her was a 3-stories building in which live her and 17 family members, which was why granny opened her arms trying to stop the excavator with her own body. She somehow went into the ditch, while operator on the excavator went on shoveling and buried her with a load of earth.

The tragedy happened in Maodian Village, […]Read more…