New generation’s unconventional graduation photos

| June 12th, 2011

From Sina:

Mid June to July is the graduation season in China. It’s a tradition that classmates gather together and take a group photo as the graduation photo. It’s kind of important to most graduates, without a group graduation photo their university lives seem incomplete. In the group graduation photo, graduates put on cap and gown or suite up, line up orderly and the photo shooting is done fast and nicely. However, that’s the conventional way to take graduation photos, this […]Read more…

Capsule Apartment appears in Beijing, 2 square meters each

| April 1st, 2010

From QQ:

Recently, a 78 year old man Huang Rixin (黄日新) built 8 units of “Capsule Apartment” in Liulangzhuang, Haidian district in Beijing. Each unit is less than 2 square meters, but in the unit tenant can lie down, sit, watch TV and go on the internet. After Huang Rixin accidentally saw the Capsule hotel from Japan on the newspaper last year, he had the idea of building his own “Capsule Apartment”. He stated that building this kind of apartment […]Read more…

Girl dislocates her arm in the jostling of job fair by state-owned enterprices

| March 21st, 2010

From Wuhan Morning Paper

One girl dislocated her arm and 3 boys climbed windows in the process of getting into the job fair hosted on March 19th by 25 large and medium sized state-owned enterprises who altogether offer 5,000 jobs. The fair has to be canceled due to overcrowding.

Reporter on the spot observed at 8:30 am that over 1,000 job seekers had already been waiting at the square. When the gate opened an hour later, the crowds rushed forward and […]Read more…