I fought for 18 years to have a cup of coffee with you

| October 25th, 2011

Reports on Rural China from Shanghai by Maizi (麦子) – a popular read on the Chinese Internet.  Translated by Cathy

Cathy is a recent college graduate who tweets here. If you’d like something translated on ChinaHush or offer her a job, you can reach her at xiaosongbird[at]gmail.[dot]com

Here’s a question I pose for my white collar friends: what if I never graduated from middle school, and had become a migrant worker? Would you sit down for a cup of coffee with me […]Read more…

How come girls from the countryside are more open about sex?

| February 20th, 2010

This short article (from Tianya) was written by a student from the countryside. It has no statistics, nor is it necessarily anthropological, but it is an honest testimony from personal experience, which in my opinion, is sometimes more valuable than quasi-objective statistical conclusions.

It starts out:

I, myself, am a person from the countryside。 I’m not writing this to be discriminatory, I just hope it leads to reflection, and maybe to finding the source of the problem.

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