Top 10 Chinese tourists’ bad behaviors

| June 25th, 2016

Chinese tourists’ bad behaviors are nowadays famous all around the world.

Chinese tourists have been getting a bad rap overseas. China is the biggest outbound market and more than 120 million Chinese people went to travel abroad. The market is so prosperous that people want to attract more and more Chinese tourists. They are also high spenders and thus, a very lucrative market in the international scene. However, the volume makes it more difficult to not stumble upon some, let’s say, […]Read more…

Tourism in the middle kingdom falls from grace

| September 25th, 2014


In recent years, outbound traveling gains significant popularity in China as you can see here. In 2013, more than 98 million Chinese tourists crossed the border and spent almost 130 billion USD overseas, making China world’s No.1 country in outbound tourists number and spending. However, China as a destination for foreign tourists is not looking as good. 2013 marked the second consecutive declining year for its inbound tourism.

In fact, inbound tourism has been suffering diminishing growth in […]Read more…

Chinese tourists are more valued and respected by foreigners after 10 years?

| April 9th, 2010

Guangzhou Daily did a piece of news on April 6th comparing the change of Chinese tourists’ spending overseas in the last decade to that of their European, American, and Japanese counterparts, and came to conclude that the radical change reflects the change of status of Chinese tourists from being despised to being valued and respected.  Dissents on the conclusion soon followed, clearing the difference between being valued and being respected.

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