China’s ongoing love affair with gambling

| January 3rd, 2018

It was recently reported that Macau’s gambling industry is seven times bigger than Vegas.

That’s quite a large sum of money, especially when you consider that Vegas makes $6.5 billion a year – Macau, however, China’s gambling capital, has trumped all other hot casino destinations around the world by announcing revenues of 360 billion patacas, or $45 billion. That’s a 20% rise on last year.

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Macau, Las Vegas of the East

| May 16th, 2013

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Macau casino revenues hit a record $38 Billion in 2012. In December alone, Macau properties took in a record $3.5 Billion. These massive revenues reinforce the fact that Macau is not just the Las Vegas of the East but rather it is the new world leader in casinos gambling.

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Torture video exposed, Chinese casino over the border

| January 11th, 2010

Video from

According to the Chinese law, it is illegal to operate casinos inside of mainland China. Any individual or organization operates gambling business constitutes criminal act. So in order to avoid the crackdown, criminals in mainland China opened casinos nearby outside of the Chinese border. For various reasons, many people from mainland China go to these casinos to gamble. Let’s take a look what happened there.

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