Shanghai high-rise fire

| November 15th, 2010

(Edited by Key)

Fire broke out at a 28 story apartment building in Shanghai at 2:00 in the afternoon, Nov15 (local time) causing at least 49 deaths. The building was located at Jing An district and was under renovation. According to Xinhua’s report, over 100 were rescued out of the building of 156 households so far.

Well-known Chinese youth opinion leader Han Han happened to be at the scene and he had recorded what happened the whole time.

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Hainan “Building Thin Thin” demolished

| July 13th, 2010

(daqi) July 10, Haikou, Hainan, the law enforcement personnel were directing the two excavators to demolish the most “awesome” (牛 niu) thin building in Hainan, this marks the end of the “Building Thin Thin” (楼薄薄).

Demolition personnel at the sense said, this building was an illegal construction. The government once acquired some of the land from the owner and paid him the appropriate compensation. The owner then utilized the remaining 19 square meters of the land and also occupied part […]Read more…

Most constructions in China only have life span of 25-30 years?

| April 11th, 2010

From SouFun:

Mortgage slaves work hard for half of their lives and save up for the down payment, then work hard for the rest of their lives to pay off the loan. Finally when they can relax and live as home owners, they never have thought that when the mortgage salves are not yet old, the homes are already old, not only old, but also rotted, most of them become the subject for demolition. This is the reality of what currently […]Read more…

The amazing "Seed Cathedral" – too much symbolism, not enough practicality?

| March 25th, 2010

The "Seed Cathedral" is the main attraction at the UK Pavillion at this year’s Shanghai Expo. The building’s out layer is made of over 60,000 slender, transparent quills, each quill with different types of seeds in it from the Kew Millenium Seed Bank Project.

This "Seed Cathedral" seems to be garnering rave reviews from both the US and China. With Chinese netizens exclaiming "I must go see it!" and "Beautiful!" BLDGBLOG saying, "it is one of the coolest architectural constructions I’ve […]Read more…

Chinese farmers are “growing houses” instead of growing food

| December 18th, 2009

What is this picture about? Why is this poor woman being blocked out by hundreds of Chengguan (City Urban Administrative and Law Enforcements)? [Netease] On December 17, Wuhan City organized over 800 law enforcement officers to forcefully demolish nearly 40,000 square meters of illegal buildings that are near the Wuhan City to Huangshi City railway construction site. The phenomenon of local famers rushing to “grow houses” is very common.

What does “growing houses” mean?

It is yet another unique phenomenon in China, […]Read more…

Young people should not be able to afford houses

| December 5th, 2009


[Netease] Chinese TV series “Dwelling Narrowness” has caused national discussion on the continuously raising housing prices currently plaguing the market. Should young people (in China) who were born after 1980’s and just graduated from college be able to buy a home? On this issue, Ren Zhiqiang (任志强) boldly “speaks out directly without reservation”: Young people should not be able to afford houses. (You will find out who this guy is later.)

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A construction migrant worker’s notes

| November 29th, 2009

[From MOP] A young migrant worker updates a post of his raw, yet I found to be truthful and insightful notes while working at a construction site of soon to be multi-million luxury homes in Sanya, Hainan.

I never speak out. I am a “diving” migrant worker.

(潜水: Diving means lurking here, it is a Chinese internet slang, means someone who reads forum posts but never replies, never expresses their views. It is like underwater diving, never pop their heads […]Read more…

Another “Scary Looking” Residential Building

| October 24th, 2009

豆腐渣 (Soybean Residue) – The residue of soybean milk after being filtered. A slang used to describe poorly constructed structures like buildings that are not up to the safety standards; usually constructed with shoddy materials.

Another scary looking “Soybean Residue” building in Liaoning was exposed on Netease BBS. Here is the translation:

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The Most Awesome College Dormitory and Migrant Workers’ Dormitory

| September 25th, 2009

[NetEase] It’s the new semester, outside the wall of a Wuhan’s college there is the concerning “most awesome” university dormitory. “Wang Hao Feng Focus” (王浩峰聚焦) went to the scene to inspect and saw a five story building rubs shoulders with a high-voltage tower. There were groups of college students going in and out. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor there were students sticking their heads out of the windows looking around from time to time. One college student […]Read more…

People’s Daily Building Design, Shanzhai Burj Al Arab?

| September 10th, 2009

[Netease] The new building design for People’s Daily (人民日报) has been confirmed, the selected winner was designed by Professor Zhou Qi (周琦) of Southeast University, School of Architecture. However, once the plan was made public, netizens immediately started heated discussions. Some people say it looks like an iron, some say it looks like an aircraft carrier or even a urinal pot (an old style vessel for urine, used in bedrooms). Also some people criticized the building design is a […]Read more…

Chongqing: The First Underwater Museum in China has Been Built and Opened

| May 21st, 2009

From NetEast:

Chongqing Morning Posts reports on May 19, Chongqing Fuling Baiheliang (涪陵白鹤梁) underwater museum – the cultural relic protection projects in Three-Gorge reservoir district, which was invested for over 200 millions RMB, has opened to the public on May 18.

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