“Egg house” is an illegal construction, to be removed

| December 3rd, 2010

(Netease) A Beijing drifter young man named Dai Haifei  built and placed this egg shaped house under the building he works at. He has been living in it for almost 2 months. According to Beijing News, the property sector where the “egg house” is at hoped Dai Haifei will move the “egg house” inside of his company. City Urban Management (Chengguan) of Haidian district said, the little cabin is an illegal construction which should be removed.

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Young man builds egg shaped dwelling in Beijing as his home

| December 1st, 2010

Dai Haifei (戴海飞), 24 years old form Hunan province, built and placed an egg shaped small house in a courtyard in Beijing, as his home. Inspired by his company’s design, Dai Haifei built the “egg” house with bamboo and it only cost him 6,427 yuan. Now he has been living in it for almost 2 month, rent free. The following is his diary on Douban describing how he builds the egg house.

My father works at a construction site; mother is […]Read more…

Beijing vagabond, do you wish your parents to visit you?

| August 31st, 2010

Beipiao: 北漂, Literally “Beijing vagabond”, referring to the group of people who do not have a Beijing hukou (permanent residence), who migrated to Beijing from other places of China seeking opportunities and better life. Beipiao is also a life style of being a drifter in Beijing.

(MOP) My mother came, stood at the exit of the Beijing train station, waving at me. I took her bag, my father followed in silence. I took them to eat Peking duck, my mother […]Read more…

Young girl becomes first tenant of Capsule Apartment

| April 9th, 2010

From Legal Evening News:

The end of last month, a 78 year old retired engineer Huang Rixin (黄日新) built 8 units of “Capsule Apartment” in Liulangzhuang, Haidian district in Beijing. Each unit is less than 2 square meters and can only fit a single bed. The monthly rent for each unit is between 200 – 250 yuan.

After the apartments were built, no one has ever come by. So Huang Rixin opened up the apartment units for “test-living”. After test-living, last night […]Read more…

Mixed race girl, Beijing vagabond from Sweden

| December 22nd, 2009

[From Sina]

Actually when many people meeting me for the first time, they will think I am pretty cold because I don’t like to talk, but that’s because I am very shy. Therefore people who know me all know that I am really very warm.  Growing up in Sweden and coming to Beijing this time, many things are my first time. For example, shooting for a TV show, magazine or a show, also climbing the great wall and then the first […]Read more…