Zhejiang Province bans 37 songs in KTV

| April 21st, 2011

From Netease:

Recently netizens of Wenzhou noticed a yellow sign appeared in the local KTV (karaoke clubs). The sign listed 37 songs that are now banned from playing at these places by the provincial authority. The 37 prohibited songs included popular titles like Su Rui’s “qian shou” 牵手 (Hold hands), Richie Ren’s Xiaoxue (snow) and Bobby Chen’s One night in Beijing.

The sign says “Prohibited songs announcement, according to regulation of the Provincial Department of Culture, the following 37 songs […]Read more…

Hairstyles that are banned by our school

| September 2nd, 2010

Legend of Hairstyles banned by our school 

(MOP) School has just started! which reminded me of these tragic photos in our school bulletin board.  Reposted from my classmate’s space to share with you all, let’s together danteng the person who posted these, who in his last life was an angel with broken wings, every student must love him.

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China proposes law to ban eating cats and dogs

| January 27th, 2010

China still does not have any animal cruelty law or animal protection law in place.  Law makers are proposing a such law named “Anti-Animal Cruelty Law (experts suggested draft)”, currently is in motion and under review.  However the draft proposed a ban on eating cats and dogs which is conflicting with the dog eating custom and culture at certain places in China…

From online.sh.cn: (source: Yangzi evening news)

The two meetings in Beijing this year, Beijing CPPCC members, Animal Protection Law […]Read more…