AIDS Female Prostitute Blog was a Hoax

| October 20th, 2009

A blog supposedly written by a HIV-infected prostitute named Yan Deli (闫德利) exposing 279 of her “sex contacts” swept the internet and was heavily covered by the Chinese internet media. Later there were also reports on “the reason she did this was to find her fiancé”. However it turned out, all of it was just a hoax. The police have already been involved. They suspected Yan Deli’s ex-boyfriend was behind the incident.

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Girl has AIDS exposing 279 Sex Contacts

| October 17th, 2009

[Netease] Recently, a woman named Yan Deli (闫德利) claiming to be from Rongcheng Country, Hebei Province, in her blog exposed 279 phone numbers which belonged to the guys she had had sex with in the past. She also claimed that she has gotten AIDS. This news caused a great stir on the Internet, so called “sexual contact numbers” spread throughout the Chinese forums. In order to confirm the claims made by Yan Deli were true, reporter contacted these numbers, […]Read more…