Pregnant woman ends her pregnancy for an adopted child

| July 20th, 2011

From QQ:

Gao Xue is a 31-year-old woman living in a small village in Chong Qing. Now she becomes the center of a heated discussion online. when she decided to give up her own baby and husband for an unrelated baby she found on the street. She had an abortion when she is 5 months pregnant in order to concentrate on bringing up the adopted baby.

On a cold windy night on 2007 November, Gao Xue and her husband was on […]Read more…

New export from China: Babies

| May 21st, 2011

Based on the cover story of Caixin Century magazine’s May 9th issue.

Yang Libing always bring the photo of his first born daughter Yang Ling with him through his years of searching for her. She would be 7 years old by now.

10 months after born, Yang Ling was taken away by officials from local one child policy office. The reason was that the family didn’t pay "social raising fee". Yang had never saw his daughter again.

One day in 2009, Yang […]Read more…

Intercepting truck on highway, volunteers rescue dogs from being slaughtered

| April 19th, 2011

From QQ:

On 15th March, around 11 am on the highway from Beijing to Harbin, a black Mercedes overtook a truck loaded with dogs, trying to stop the truck. When Mr. Hao, the driver of the truck pulled over, Mr. An, driver in the Mercedes got off the car and accused him of selling stolen dogs. Police were called in and Mr. An also informed the case to an animal protection organization. By 10pm, more than 300 volunteers and citizens hurried […]Read more…

Man selling his children to pay for kidney transplant

| July 11th, 2010

A man in Jianxi who is suffering from uremia, can not afford his medical cost and hopes to sell both is daughter and son for his kidney transplant operation.  The man had a happy family, but after suffering from this disease he was unable to work and his wife also quietly left him…

(Form Netease) In order to treat uremia he had almost gone bankrupt. After his wife left him left him with his son and daughter , in order […]Read more…

Chinese Orphans Adopted Overseas Finding Home

| September 5th, 2009

[Southern Metropolis Weekly] August 29th Chinese boy Christian met his long-lost birth parents in Beijing. As one of the75,000 Chinese orphans adopted overseas, Christian is one of the few lucky ones that found out about the truth of his life. However, his tortuous experience of finding home is thought provoking, how many children have the same experiences as him? When it was still possible to find their lost love ones, they were sent to overseas for adoption.

Christian told his […]Read more…