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What Chinese youth say about sex

| September 14th, 2011

From you and me:

Marie Stopes International China (MSIC), a not-for-profit family planning and sexual and reproductive healthcare organization, has started a project of using images and words to record the voices of Chinese youth, their view on sex.

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This is not Chinese food!

| December 30th, 2010

Chinese food is famous for two reason: its extreme deliciousness and its weirdness. The later characteristic has a perfect example, the Wangfujing snack street in downtown Beijing. Just google it or YouTube it and you can find a lot of of videos and photos of foreigners amazed by what Chinese people are eating. You can find skin-piled sparrow, cicada, silk worm, inside-out snake, giant grasshopper, penis of various kind of animals and star fish. You name it. Just think of […]Read more…

From 1900 to 2010, variation of Chinese woman fashion

| October 4th, 2010

(The following content is translated from New Weekly via Netease. 侯虹斌 is the author of the Chinese version.)


Women strive to make themselves beautiful to live up the beauty standard in their imagination. The standards may differ from time to time, but one fact never changes that women’s temperament, aura, mindset, thinking and action will all glow through their appearances . Analyzing the making of women’s beauty can give us a read on the  spirit of the time and its aesthetic […]Read more…

Family of Four Bikes to Shanghai from Hefei for New Year

| February 14th, 2010

From Qianjiang Evening News:

Family of four, spending 10 days, going through multiple cities regardless of the weather conditions biked (a bike specially designed to allow 4 riders at the same time), started their journey from Anhui (安徽阜阳), has successfully arrived their destination –Shanghai.  Throughout their journey, the bike caught much attention from people, and the journalist finally spotted them around Weihai Road (威海路).  The bike was made by 2 regular bicycles next to each other with one common steering […]Read more…

BBC host questions Ye Shiwen’s incredible swim, Netizens angry

| July 30th, 2012

From Sina:

16 years old, incredibly swam the last 50 meters of the 400 IM final, faster than men’s champion Ryan Lochte, beat her personal best by 5 seconds, broke the women’s world record for the first time since the high-tech swimsuits ban, swept Asian Games, World Championships and Olympic Games and became the youngest grand slam swimming winner in China… During the interview after the game, Ye Shiwen expressed her excitement and joy, and credited all to her hard work […]Read more…

Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China. Internet Rumor?

| September 17th, 2009

Doctoress (women doctor), a group which is often the subject of talks in China, is also labeled with names like dinosaur, difficult to get married etc. Woman with PhD has been used as a symbol, standing on the cusp of the public opinions. This recent viral post “Beijing University Vice-principal advises a Good Friend, Don’t let your Daughter Attend PhD Program in China” again stirred up the discussion on possible hidden rules of doctoress. Despite there is no proof of […]Read more…

The Ugly Scenes of the Regimental Commander’s Wife at Mogao Caves

| October 9th, 2009

[Netease] Scene 1: October 6th 11:30 am (day six of the National Holiday), in the crowded tourist attraction – Mogao Caves when a middle age lady was touching the thousand-year-old Western Xia Dynasty cave painting with her hands, she was stopped by the 19-year-old commentator. The old lady was furious and left. But she came back almost immediately followed by two huge guys, walking straight towards the brave commentator who told her to “not touching the cave painting”. Two […]Read more…

Viral videos, 2010 week 52

| December 26th, 2010

Public zombie kiss

This took place in a canteen of Jilin University. I don’t know whether this girl was horny or hungry for brain or thirsty for blood.

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Electric bicycles stolen by pregnant women, nothing can stop this?

| April 5th, 2011

From Jinling Evening News | translated by Jue

Citizens: bikes are frequently stolen in the supermarket parking lot

Mr. Zhang, 43, lives in Jiangning District of Nanjing. One day of late January this year, he went to Oushang Supermarket with his wife as usual, and parked his electric bike in the parking lot. He especially put two locks on the bike in case theft as he’d heard that bike thieves are often spotted here.

When Mr. Zhang and his wife carried the goods […]Read more…

69-year-old granny buried alive, family members get 5 homes plus 600,000 as compensation

| March 19th, 2010

From Qianjiang Evening News

Wang Cuiyun, a 69-year-old granny’s last photo, a few hours later, she was buried alive in the ditch. Behind her was a 3-stories building in which live her and 17 family members, which was why granny opened her arms trying to stop the excavator with her own body. She somehow went into the ditch, while operator on the excavator went on shoveling and buried her with a load of earth.

The tragedy happened in Maodian Village, […]Read more…

Giveaway: 10 Free Premium VPN accounts of 3 months subscription from Kepard

| August 5th, 2012

Today, we bring an amazing free offer for our readers, ChinaHush and Kepard wanted to share 10 Premium Kepard VPN accounts of 3 months subscription  with you. How about some free stuff to start the week on a high note?

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Brother Tricycle, Brother Running and Brother Train

| May 25th, 2010

Recently a video of a car accident made “Brother Tricycle” popular on the Internet. On May 9, 2010, a traffic video camera captured a deadly car accident in Beijing.  A fast moving black car hits a white car in front waiting on the red light in an intersection. One dead and two injured, but amazingly a man riding a tricycle through the tragic accident was able to escape without a scratch.  So netizens called him “Brother Tricycle” (三轮哥).

Since then another […]Read more…

The most romantic Christmas gift

| December 24th, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! This recent viral video named “Christmas 2010 – Colin – the most romantic Christmas gift” is a love story between a man, Colin from the United States and a Chinese girl Chen Xiaohuan which has touched millions of Chinese netizens.  Enjoy!

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Driver dodges hundreds of steel rods during collision

| October 29th, 2011

(From ycwb) On Oct 26 in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, a dark grey Volvo bumped into a taxi head-on then got a truck up the rear, causing hundreds of steel rods on the truck to thrust into the Volvo’s windshield. Surprisingly the driver managed to dodge all the flying steel rods that turn his car into a porcupine.

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The kidnappings and killings of children in Shenzhen, the truth and reactions

| December 14th, 2009

[NetEase] Recently, there were rumors in the Shenzhen community with news about elementary students being kidnapped and killed, causing students and parents to live in fear. Reporter learned from the Shenzhen police that since the second half of this year, three child kidnapping cases had happened in Futian district in Shenzhen, and one of the cases involved a death of one of the children hostages. There were also many kidnapping cases in Nanshan district. At least one child was […]Read more…