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Han Han’s speech in Xiamen University: Why China cannot be a cultural power

| May 20th, 2010

Hello, everybody. It’s the second time I am in Xiamen, the air’s clean, no wonder everybody likes to walk.

Just now, when Mr. Deng mentioned something about patriotism, two lines came in my mind, not from me though, from others. The first one  is “patriotism is the last sanctuary for scumbags”, and the second one is “the real patriotism is to protect the country from any kinds of persecutions by the government”.

Today I’ve prepared for the speech, I brought a script, […]Read more…

5,000 families break up in China everyday

| June 5th, 2011

From Zaobao:

Left: lightening marriage Right: lightening divorce, top: “is that too fast?”

The divorce rate in China has increased for 7 consecutive years! According to statistics from China’s civil administration, more than 460,000 couples registered for divorce between January and March this year, increased by 17.1% compared to last year’s statistics, meaning that 5,000 couples get divorced everyday on average.

In 2010, about 1.2 million couples got married while 1.96 million couples got divorced. The divorce rate in large cities such as […]Read more…

Sun Yang: never taken Park Tae-hwan’s provocation seriously

| July 29th, 2012

From Sina Weibo:

Sun Yang (Weibo) He Won! 20 years old, 1.97meters tall, 3 minutes 40 seconds 14! When Sun Yang roared in the swimming pool like a lion, who knew all the hardship, persistence, pressure or tears behind this glory… At the mixed interview zone after the race, Sun Yang covered his face to sob several times, crying like a kid with a pair of red eyes, “The Park Tae-hwan incidence in the morning inspired me. I have no reason […]Read more…

Shooting Incident at Putuo District in Shanghai, 2 Men were Wounded

| May 22nd, 2009

From NetEase:

May 22 Eastday Reported today 12:45 at Changshou road 882 Lane Putuo district Shanghai occurred a gun related incident, one man was wounded and taking to the hospital. Currently Putuo police is investigating the matter.

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Should Mao Zedong’s Birthday be a National Holiday of China?

| September 29th, 2009

The People’s Republic of China is about to turn 60, how to evaluate and pay tribute to the founding leader of the Chinese Communist Party Mao Zedong (毛泽东) once again became a topic of discussion.

Remarks of Mao Zedong’s grandson causes concern

Mao Zedong’s only grandson, senior colonel Mao Xinyu (毛新宇) said in an press interview, the birthday of the founding leader should be set as the national holiday, to be widely publicized, so that future generations can always remember. He […]Read more…

Yao Ming’s injury, Chinese Blame “Quack Doctor”

| July 4th, 2009

When the news on Huston Rockets All star center Yao Ming’s (姚明) foot injury could keep him out of next season, and potentially end his career reached China whole country was sad and sorry to hear that. However Chinese sports writers directed the attentions to Houston Rockets’ team physician Tom Clanton. In this and “The truth about Rockets’ quack doctor who let the giant fall” author gave several reasons on how Clanton is a quack doctor that swindled many […]Read more…

cute photos made little loli popular on the internet

| October 24th, 2010

We have always observed the phenomenon of people become famous through the Internet in China, sometimes unintentionally.  The latest “accidental” Internet sensation was this little girl named by the netizens as “Little Loli”.

(From QQ and everywhere else) Recently a set of photos of a little girl are spreading like wild fire on the Chinese Internet. Netizens called her “Jiuzhaigou Little Loli”. (Jiuzhaigou is a city in Sichuan province of China, famous for its beautiful scenery. All these photos of Little […]Read more…

Free admission to Hunan scenic resort for virgin girls over 22

| September 8th, 2011

From Chengdu Evening News:

If you are a girl over 22-year-old and a virgin, you can enjoy a free visit to the Zhouluo Scenic Resort in Hunan province During the Wild Osmanthus Festival! Many The news sparks a heated discussion among netizens, "First recruit the virgins to pick tea, now offer free entry to virgins, what on earth is it about the virgin?" "This is too vulgar. Use your brain, please!" but the scenic resort respond, "It’s just a creative idea." […]Read more…

Expats: It’s your own fault if you don’t integrate

| March 6th, 2014

“Why do so many foreigners still insist upon living in a land where, at this point in history, integration is impossible?” Kevin McGeary writes in a post at The Nanfang.

A common sight in Chinese bars.

I am reading his post while I sit in a coffee shop after getting back from seeing the plum blossoms at Zijin Mountain with two Chinese college students I met yesterday at Xuanwu Lake (see post: Plum Blossom Festival photos). I met the two students […]Read more…

Talk about Fenqing, start with Michael Wong’s Renren page

| April 22nd, 2010

While we are still on the subject of Yushu earthquake, I found an interesting post about Michael Wong’s (a Malaysian Chinese singer and composer) Renren page was under Chinese fenqing’s attack because of one of his Renren status update on China’s national mourning day for Yushu earthquake (yesterday).

This kind of Chinese fenqing attack incidents are not uncommon on the internet.  They are usually very random and so are the victims, they can be from an ordinary citizen to A-list […]Read more…

World Expo China National Pavilion: classic items from the past

| May 3rd, 2010

From Netease:

Shanghai World Expo Chinese National Pavilion displays a series of Chinese classic items from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For China’s relatively older generations and those who have ever lived in China during these times, these items should be familiar, feeling nostalgic yet?

The 70s

Simple style wooden furniture, certificates and photos hanging on the wall, enamel mugs and nylon bags, the most valuable electrical appliance is the old style radio. Obsessed with Hong Kong, Taiwanese […]Read more…

Custody battle auction, bid to lose custody

| March 28th, 2011

From Netease:

In Beijing, a couple who is getting divorced is in a custody battle, instead of fighting to win the custody of their 4 year-old son, they fight to lose it. The mother claimed that she has no ability to raise the child and asked the court to award the custody to the husband. The husband however, said it’s bad for his job to have a kid around and it would be better for the young child to stay with […]Read more…

Peking University professor says some Hong Kong people are dogs

| January 25th, 2012

The incident of Mainland visitors eating on Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway caused much extensive discussions on the Internet.  On January 19, 2012, claiming to be the 73rd generation descendant of Confucius, Peking University professor Kong Qingdong commented on the matter on a Internet TV show called “Kong Monk Has Something to Say” (《孔和尚有话说》), saying “some Hong Kong people are dogs”, and “A place needs the law to maintain order reflects the (low) quality of people at such place”

The 7-minute […]Read more…

Seeing it For Yourself: Pursuing an Educational Experience in China

| August 20th, 2014

When we read about dogs being beaten to death by health officials or women being forced to have abortions in China, how can we put these shocking stories in perspective? The same way we do it when we read about things like protests and politician sex scandals at home: by comparing those news stories to our usually much more mundane personal experiences. Those things make the news because they are unusual. When we read about China from thousands of miles […]Read more…

Original winnowing pan paintings by Chinese Bouyei ethnic group

| September 11th, 2010

Usually winnowing pans are used to separate grains, corns off their chafes or to hold dried vegetable, dried fish and the like for airing purpose. But in a rural small village called Du Zai (渡寨) in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, people add a little artistic touch to this plain bamboo tool. To them, winnowing pans are best framed canvas on which they translate their love and passion for life into vibrant arts.

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