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10 most popular Internet phrases in China in 2012

| January 6th, 2013

Happy new year everyone! the following is a guest post by Philip via MarketingToChina.com, edited by Key.

These are the current top 10 internet phrases in China: 屌丝 Diaosi, 元芳你怎么看 Yuan Fang, what do you think, 杜甫很忙 Du Fu Hen Mang, 高富帅,白富美 Gao Fu Shuai, Bai Fu Mei, 矮矬穷 Ai Cuo Qiong, 你幸福吗 Ni Xing Fu Ma, 躺着也中枪 Tang Zhe Ye Zhong Qiang, 给跪了 Gei Guil Le, 碉堡了 Diao Bao Le, 查水表 Cha Shui Biao.

1. 屌丝 Diaosi


A typical Diao Si

“Diao Si” […]Read more…

Head of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Justice executed – the last moments of his life

| July 8th, 2010

From Netease:

The former Chief of Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Justice Wen Qiang (文强) was executed on July 7. The Supreme Court firmly believes that he accepted huge amount of bribes, the circumstances are serious and causes great social harm. He was prosecuted for the crimes of harboring and abetting crime syndicates, obtaining large amounts of property from unidentified sources and rape.

Wen Qiang thus became the first Chief of the Public Security Bureau being sentenced to death and executed.

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High Tech, Low Life – the movie

| June 17th, 2013

Just a reminder, this is available on iTunes on June 18, 2013

“Zola” in High Tech, Low Life. Photo Credit: Stephen Maing.

New York, May 20, 2013 – HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE, award-winning filmmaker Stephen Maing’s chronicle of two of China’s first citizen reporters as they travel the country  documenting underreported news and social issues stories while facing censorship for leaping China’s ‘Great Firewall’ – will  be released June 18 on iTunes in North America, with a roll-out on other digital platforms […]Read more…

Hubei man in traffic dispute hangs onto car roof for 15 miles

| May 19th, 2014

image courtesy of hubei news

A Hubei man clung to a car roof while the vehicle traveled more than 15 miles between cities Hubei News reported on May 12.

The Yunmeng man apparently leaped onto the taxi’s roof at Xiaogan City and clutched the passenger side and drivers side windows for support while the car drove more than 15 miles along State Road 316. The man apparently jumped onto the roof of the car after getting in a dispute with […]Read more…

University Security Guard Raped and Killed Female Student Sentenced to Death

| July 3rd, 2009

A third year female student at Guangdong Business University was killed because of her beauty. School security guard 22-year-old Zheng Chenlue (郑成略) after pursuing her and got rejected several times, filled with hate on August 14th 2008 he carried a knife ones again demanded her to be his girl friend. After being rejected again he took her hostage into the men’s room raped and killed her. Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Zheng to death in the […]Read more…

The Cousin of Shui-bian CHEN(陈水扁)Establishes “Communist Party of Republic of China” to Promote Reunification

| April 7th, 2009


From Global Times, Special Contributor in Taipei Reports (Xian ZHOU / 周先): Following the formal establishment of “Communist Party of Taiwan” last year, “Communist Party of Republic of China” was formally established last week and became the 147th Taiwan political party, the general secretary of “Communist Party of Republic of China” is Shuibian CHEN’s(陈水扁)cousin Tianfu CHEN(陈天福).

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Miss Tourism Queen International 2009 Visits Shaolin Temple

| August 24th, 2009

Miss Tourism Queen International 2009 is held in Zhengzhou, Henan province in China from August 7th to August 30th. 110 beauties around the world traveled to China, where they compete as tourism ambassadresses for their respective countries. On August 23rd, 2009 Miss Tourism Queen International came to Shaolin Temple in Henan, beauties around the world praised the wonderful Shaolin martial art performance and the profound cultural heritage.

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Girl from Tsinghua University showing off on a train, claiming BMW sent by an official is waiting for her

| August 3rd, 2011

From iFeng | Translated by Jenny Jiang

“I’m heading for Wuhan, where a BMW sent by an official is waiting for me.” A girl from Tsinghua University was honored as “Sister school show off” (炫校姐) because she was ostentatious telling her Tsinghua story to other passengers on the train. The message that the commentary editor of Shanghai Securities News Shi Hanbing wrote on his micro blog yesterday sparked heated discussions.

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19-year-old unmarried migrant worker kills her baby

| March 16th, 2014

A 19-year-old unmarried mother killed her baby by throwing the baby into a river to drown. The mother is a migrant worker in Jiaxing city of Zhejiang province who works at a foot bathing store. She didn’t know who was the father.

When she went to the hospital in July 2013 because of stomach pain, she found out that she was already deep into pregnancy. “She didn’t want anyone to know she was giving birth, even more, she didn’t have any […]Read more…

Chinese justice system reform: Abolishing reeducation through labor, Creating a legitimate court system, Chinese magazine reports

| March 3rd, 2014

Protests in Wukan. Photo from Southern Window article.

In December 2011, the citizens of Wukan, a village in Guangdong, staged an uprising, forcing the local government officials out of the village, in a protest over land sales of communal farm land. In the course of the protests, three democratically-elected village representatives had been arrested and one had died. But after the citizens took over their village, the governor of Guangdong, Wang Yang, did something notable: Instead of taking the […]Read more…

Outrageous sexual harassment becomes common in Chinese weddings

| February 25th, 2011

Feb 16th, a post in the Jinringuanzhu.net (a famous Canton newscast’s online forum) revealed a shockingly unpleasant incident happened during a wedding in Xinhui city, Canton province. 9 girls of the Sister’s troop (bridesmaids) were allegedly molested by the bridegroom’s escorting friends. The post was written by 6 of the victims with their own account of the sexual harassment at the day.

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Ministry of Health Halts a Dish Called “Sneak Bites Chicken”

| June 2nd, 2009

From Mop: 2009-05-27

Yesterday, the newspaper domestic news reports a Foshan restaurant is selling a dish called “Sneak Bites Chicken” which has aroused public and netizen intensely and attracted their attention. Ms. Zhang called our newspaper and said there were at least two restaurants sell this cruel and bloody cuisine in the north of the river Area. “At least, the slaughter is in a non-standard way.” Last night, the Jiangbei District Health Authority said they would carry on the […]Read more…

A complete one day guide to Shanghai World Expo

| May 1st, 2010

From MOP:

Before attending the Expo, please be sure to check out the media all over the world on the latest Expo news and the Expo service information, mastering the latest and the most complete information in order to have the best possible World Expo experience.

General information of the Expo:

Shanghai World Expo is held in the city of Shanghai, mainly located in the Bingjiang district between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, on both sides the Huangpu River.

After the opening of […]Read more…

Frequently asked questions about studying mandarin Chinese in China

| April 20th, 2017

We at Learn Mandarin Now recently undertaken extensive research and put together a great article to help you decide if you wish to learn Chinese in China research—be sure to check it out.

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Posting and Making fun of a Rape Case online, Policewoman accused of being Unethical

| October 8th, 2009


 The post on Tianya named “Talking about the hot and spicy rape case…” was apparently posted by a policewoman who was the transcript recorder for a rape case reported on October 7th. In the post, this policewoman called the content of the report “ridiculously shocking” and gave her own opinion on the case. However some netizens strongly criticized her work ethic as a police officer, accused her action of “making fun of rape case by posting it online” and “exposing […]Read more…