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Gay, Lesbian Couples Shooting Wedding Photos on Beijing’s Street

| February 16th, 2009

From NetEast, CCTV and everywhere…

2009 Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day, afternoon, two gay, lesbian couples dressed up and shooting their wedding photos on Beijing’s Qianmen(前门) pedestrian street.

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Peking University professor says some Hong Kong people are dogs

| January 25th, 2012

The incident of Mainland visitors eating on Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway caused much extensive discussions on the Internet.  On January 19, 2012, claiming to be the 73rd generation descendant of Confucius, Peking University professor Kong Qingdong commented on the matter on a Internet TV show called “Kong Monk Has Something to Say” (《孔和尚有话说》), saying “some Hong Kong people are dogs”, and “A place needs the law to maintain order reflects the (low) quality of people at such place”

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Man lies to parents about studying in UK for 6 years, spends 6 million

| October 21st, 2011

Beijing Morning post reported (via Netease): a man has been living in Beijing for long time, but his parents far away in Jiangsu Province thought he was studying at Oxford University. For 6 years, parents sent him over 6 million yuan. But now, he spent all 6 million yuan and also owed another 400,000 yuan to the loan sharks. Parents finally found out the truth, he had nothing to say but to threaten to commit suicide. Yesterday, he finally gave […]Read more…

Discussion over French Brands after the Return of Two Zodiac Heads

| May 10th, 2013

The following is a guest post by Philip via MarketingToChina.com, edited by Key


Last week, François-Henri Pinault, the head of the French luxury group Kering, returned two Zodiac sculptures of animal heads toward the Chinese people as a gift. In fact, Pinault, as well as the head of the French businessmen delegation and French President François Hollande who came to China during the same time.

And the return of the Zodiac heads seems to arouse Chinese people’s sensitive patriotic nerve and thus […]Read more…

Grandson of Mao Zedong and his handwriting

| September 21st, 2011

From Xinhua:

Mao Xinyu, grandson of China’s founding father Mao Zedong,. In 2010, His promotion to the rank of major general in the army his grandfather co-founded eight decades ago has put him under the spotlight of the Chinese public. Many people questioned his qualification of the promotion and decried it was a promotion of nepotism and "Promotions and government appointments should depend on a person’s ability, not their name, even if that name is Mao."

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China cares about Haiti, because we once endured “earthquake pain”

| January 15th, 2010

From Beijing News: by Shi Jia (石嘉)

The reason China’s reaction was so fast when after Haiti earthquake struck, is perhaps due to our painful memories of the (Wenchuan) earthquake. Disasters do not happen frequently, but difficulties happen very often. Maybe if we only land a helping hand, they would not be buried; if only we help out a little, they would not be submerged.

Haiti earthquake shook far more than just the people of Haiti. On January 14 […]Read more…

UK Luxury items sale flooded with Chinese faces

| December 29th, 2011

From IFeng:

December 26, the famous British department store Selfridges on Oxford Street in London had a after Christmas sale. Even though, there was the subway workers strike, it still could not stop waves of shoppers rushing in. Worrying about the deep debt crisis, Europeans are tightening their belts, not spending as much as the previous years. But to some Chinese people, this is not a problem.

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Using iPad as menu to order food, restaurant becomes hot topic

| April 28th, 2011

Using iPad to order food attracts young people

Last Sunday afternoon, when Mr. Meng and his girlfriend dined out at a new restaurant in Heng Bao Plaza (in Guangzhou), they were astonished by their “MENU”- an IPAD! After ordering the dishes, they continued to play games and see websites online till they finish their meal. Mr. Meng is not the only one who likes the creativity. Actually, many people come to the restaurant to have a meal only to experience […]Read more…

Awesome Chinese version of a kimchi commercial

| April 23rd, 2010

This Korean kimchi company EXCELLENTLAND (金地杰) is developing a market in China. Check out this awesome commercial…

First version is a music video.

Version A: What does youth taste like? What does love taste like? What does missing someone taste like? What does kimchi taste like? delicious, good life, Korean kimchi, Excellentland (金地杰)

Version B: The passion when first met The sweetness of being […]Read more…

Calculate how much your wife is worth

| May 28th, 2012

How much is your wife (girlfriend) worth? Recently many Chinese websites and forums had the following viral post, calculating the worth of a woman as a marriage partner base on a series of questions. Some netizens posted scores as high as 9500, but some as low as negative scores, thus crated fights between husbands and wives. Most men found it entertaining and just for fun, but women think marriage is not a product, cannot put a price on it. The […]Read more…

The Kid who sleeps on the Tricycle in the Morning

| October 6th, 2009

[Netease] The child who gets up the earliest in Changsha is named Maotuo, (毛坨) (nick name) earlier than the street sprinkler truck. He is only 5, every morning at 4:30 am he is forcefully woken up by his mother, and carried onto a cargo tricycle. Then they are off to the streets.

In late fall, the weather was chilly with heavy moistures. Young mother covered the cargo tricycle with cotton blankets the child laid down on top. Maotuo was used to […]Read more…

Being a mistress, having one-night stand, is to be expelled from universities

| August 19th, 2010

The phenomena of university students being mistresses of wealth men has become a growing social issue in China. Chongqing Normal University and Southwest Normal University are the first two Universities which started to include “being an escort (三陪 sex workers), a mistress (二奶 Ernai) and having one-night stands” into the school rules. Student with such bad behaviors are subject to expulsion. And South China Normal University also listed “messing around with opposite sex and having special relations with a […]Read more…

When low-rent housing becomes civil servant’s year-end bonus

| January 28th, 2011


When (春运 Chunyun) the mass passenger transportation is occurring around the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), to many people this means after a whole year of busy work, it is time to take a break to relax for a while. Of course, some are happy and some are sad. Unlike other company’s year-end bonus being a round-trip ticket, or traveling abroad, the unlucky ones like the employees at Youngor Textile Printing and Dyeing Co. in Ningbo (宁波雅戈尔日中纺织印染有限公司) received the […]Read more…

Japanese Porn Star Performing Near the Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery Raises Anger

| April 3rd, 2009

From NetEast

People’s Net April 3rd reports, original scheduled for tonight, Japanese porn star Sora Aoi (苍井空), Kaede Matsushima (松岛枫) and Tomoko Iijiima (饭岛友友子) performing at a club near the revolutionary martyrs’ cemetery in Guangzhou is going to be postponed. The club announced it will be rescheduled for the 29th of this month.

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An Open Letter to President Obama from Li Tusheng

| February 24th, 2010

This letter is a harsh, scathing, sarcastic and incredibly blunt criticism of President Obama. On Blogchina, this post has 6,221 “顶” (people in support) and 2,531 “反对”(people against). It is the most read post in the past 48 hours, with over 40,000 hits.

Li Tusheng, the author of the letter, was born in Zhejiang, and graduated from the People’s Liberation Army, Nanjing Army Command College in 1991 and is now a senior advisor to the Association for Traditional Chinese Culture. He […]Read more…