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The Most Awesome College Dormitory and Migrant Workers’ Dormitory

| September 25th, 2009

[NetEase] It’s the new semester, outside the wall of a Wuhan’s college there is the concerning “most awesome” university dormitory. “Wang Hao Feng Focus” (王浩峰聚焦) went to the scene to inspect and saw a five story building rubs shoulders with a high-voltage tower. There were groups of college students going in and out. On the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor there were students sticking their heads out of the windows looking around from time to time. One college student […]Read more…

China’s Cosmo is Missing Some Important Pages

| June 28th, 2010

Everywhere in Beijing, bus stops and magazine stands have advertised the June issue of Cosmo, with a purple-clad Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker on the front cover. As I’m unfamiliar with the international magazine industry as it relates to China, I was eager to obtain a copy and see for myself what this hefty, 362 page issue contained. I flipped past the beauty, the fashion and the countless ads all the way to the end, and […]Read more…

“China’s number one voice actress” Shanghai girl jailed for voice acting pornographic novels

| November 5th, 2009

For those of you who do not know already pornography is still illegal in China. China has been cracking down on “obscene” (yellow) internet content for years now, thousands were arrested and thousands of websites were shut down over the years. However this time the “obscene” content usually described as “disgustingly unsightly” should be described as “disgustingly intolerable to the ear”.

Ye Qiantong, (叶倩彤) an online voice actress for Dongting China (www.iListen.cn | 动听中国), her voice was said to be […]Read more…

Chinese media banned from reporting World Press Freedom Index before list released

| February 19th, 2014

Irony upon ironies: China banned state media from reporting on the country’s rank in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index before the list was released by Reporters Without Borders.

The index measures the freedom of information and journalists of 180 countries around the world. With only five countries listed as having less freedom than the Middle Kingdom, China’s State Council Information Office issued the following directive on February 11th:

“All websites are kindly asked to delete the article ‘180 Countries Ranked in […]Read more…

Communication University professor’s casting couch affair

| March 10th, 2010

From Bandao.cn and everywhere else:

Beijing Times March 10 reports, recently a post titled “Communication University female student, victim of casting couch, exposes professor’s sex photos” stirred up netizens heated discussions. A woman claimed to be graduated from Communication University of China published blog posts, said that she was victimized by Film and Television Art teacher Song Nannan’s (宋南男) “casting couch”. Yesterday afternoon, school has been informed of the matter, but whether if there will be investigation or not shall be […]Read more…

Liberation Army Daily criticizes U.S. provoking China’s dignity

| August 14th, 2010

The following article published by Liberation Army Daily was made popular recently with hundreds thousands of comments pouring in.

(From Netease and other major Chinese media) Liberation Army Daily reported on August 13, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Defense made an announcement at a press conference recently, that the United States would send “George Washington” aircraft carrier to the Korean West Sea (Yellow Sea) in a series of joint military exercises. This was a 180 degree turn comparing […]Read more…

Actress Fan Bingbing’s autograph accused of being indecent

| May 4th, 2010


Just made into the top 10 2010 Forbes China celebrity list, red hot actress Fan Bingbing has always been the talk of the nation. But recently her autograph was a hot topic of discussion, because supposedly her hand writing is too easily to be associated with something indecent for the imaginative mind. Let’s take a look, her surname Fan ”范”said to be overly simplified and looks like “尸” (a common header for a Chinese character), and the name Bingbing […]Read more…

Three goals! Men’s soccer! Yes, men’s soccer! What? Yes! They beat Korea!

| February 10th, 2010

The title is a phone conversation overheard in the streets after the China-Korea men’s soccer match. Not for 32 years has China beat Korea in a men’s soccer match. So when China beat Korea 3-0, Chinese soccer fans essentially went crazy with media saying it is a win of “historical importance.” The win has also wiped out the continued talk of “Koreanphobia” within the men’s soccer team, due to 27 consecutive non-wins in the past 32 years.

Having battled with problems […]Read more…

Chongqing: The First Underwater Museum in China has Been Built and Opened

| May 21st, 2009

From NetEast:

Chongqing Morning Posts reports on May 19, Chongqing Fuling Baiheliang (涪陵白鹤梁) underwater museum – the cultural relic protection projects in Three-Gorge reservoir district, which was invested for over 200 millions RMB, has opened to the public on May 18.

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Angry, drunk foreigner fights, terrifies and screams obscenities at passengers on Guangzhou metro

| December 22nd, 2010

This is sort of hilarious. In less than a day, this video has been viewed over half a million times. After metro security found a knife in this foreigner’s luggage and took it away from him, he angrily got onto the metro and began picking fights with fellow passengers. This video begins with him getting into a fight with a Chinese passenger. At the next stop, security blocks the cell phone camera and forces the Chinese passenger off the train […]Read more…

Only in China, an event can’t do without perfect usherettes

| September 19th, 2011

“Since when, usherette become an indispensable part of meetings in China?” New Weekly posted the question in its official weibo on the “hell training” of usherettes for the up-coming Central China Expo to be held at Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

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Custody battle auction, bid to lose custody

| March 28th, 2011

From Netease:

In Beijing, a couple who is getting divorced is in a custody battle, instead of fighting to win the custody of their 4 year-old son, they fight to lose it. The mother claimed that she has no ability to raise the child and asked the court to award the custody to the husband. The husband however, said it’s bad for his job to have a kid around and it would be better for the young child to stay with […]Read more…

Housing developer dragged sleeping residents out and torn down the wrong home

| May 15th, 2010

(From dahe.cn) "We were sleeping when a group of people broke in and dragged us out, next moment our house was bulldozed flat with computer , freezer and everything still in it." cried a woman crouching in front of the ruin of her home with her son still searching his textbooks among the rubbles. It happened at 5 in the morning on May 13rd. Later that day it was revealed that the house was not up for demolition yet, and […]Read more…

Robles collides with Liu Xiang in final 110m hurdles race angers Chinese audience

| September 3rd, 2011

Last night’s final 110m hurdles race in the Athletics World Championships in South Korea was perhaps the most anticipated game for Chinese audience-the nation’s TV station CCTV even make a special short propaganda film for Liu. However, it now becomes the most controversial race. Cuban Dayron Robles won the race but was disqualified after making contact with Liu Xiang, causing Liu almost tripped over the last hurdle and ended up in second place.

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Han Han: I am just exploring

| January 16th, 2010

From Han Han’s blog

Recently I read some Shanghai related news, it is very interesting to connect them together. First, Shanghai’s concrete mixer vehicles drive the city construction in the rate of crushing one person dead each day on average. If this continues, China’s pavilions will be dyed in red with insignificant people’s blood.

Secondly, Politics and Law Committee secretary in Shanghai announced that he is determined to not allow the gangsters to be established in Shanghai. To this I feel […]Read more…