Family of Four Bikes to Shanghai from Hefei for New Year

| February 14th, 2010

From Qianjiang Evening News:

Family of four, spending 10 days, going through multiple cities regardless of the weather conditions biked (a bike specially designed to allow 4 riders at the same time), started their journey from Anhui (安徽阜阳), has successfully arrived their destination –Shanghai.  Throughout their journey, the bike caught much attention from people, and the journalist finally spotted them around Weihai Road (威海路).  The bike was made by 2 regular bicycles next to each other with one common steering […]Read more…

Cao Cao’s tomb discovered

| January 1st, 2010

From Sina and Netease

On December 27, 2009, Department of Archeology, Hunan Province, made a statement in Beijing that they have discovered the tomb of Cao Cao (曹操), however, it soon attracted doubts and questions from various archeologists and netizens. Yesterday (December 31, 2009), to respond to the questions arised thus far, Department of Archeology from Hunan Province held an official press release in Zhenzhou (郑州).

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2009 End of the Year Review – 10 Most Popular Internet Phrases in China

| December 31st, 2009

Happy new year again! Here is another tally of 10 most popular Internet phrases in China to see off 2009.  Compare it with ESWN’s version!

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Call Me Ms. Single! I’m Not Ms. Left-Over

| November 13th, 2009

Singles Day or One’s Day or Guang Gun Jie (Chinese: 光棍节 Pin Yin: guāng gùn jié; Wades: kuang kun chieh; literally: bare sticks holiday) is a Chinese pop culture holiday on November 11 for people who are still living the single life.

From Sina By: Zhu-Ran (姝然)  11/11/2009


Starting from this morning, I have been receiving the same text message from my friends: “The Single’s Day is here, little birds are in love, ants moved in together, flies are pregnant, mosquito […]Read more…

Mother Beaten to Death By Hotel Manager While Defending Young Son

| August 8th, 2009

Chongqing Business News,  Zen, Donghai (曾栋海), an employee at Longtousi Train Station, has never imaged in his wildest dream that a tragedy would land upon his family because his 3-year-old son picked a flower in a hotel lobby–having his wife beaten to death led by the hotel management. After the incident took place, the murder has been arrested, yet the devastating sorrow remains with the family as well as the future of his children. As of yesterday, the victim’s family’s […]Read more…

The Two Naked Girls on The Balcony

| August 5th, 2009

When I first saw this hot post on the Chinese forum, I thought chinaSMACK probably will translate this, indeed Fauna did posted this story yesterday.  But my good friend Nancy already also translated the story from Tianya BBS.  Here is our version.

Around noon, July 30, 2009, two 10-year-old looking girls were spotted playing around naked on a residential building’s balcony. The building has 8 stories, and the two girls reside on the top floor. The writer took a quick glance […]Read more…

Homosexuals Banned From Donating Blood, Protests Soared Online to Protect Equality

| July 30th, 2009

[NetEase] College student Li, Yu (李玉)was in an uncomfortable situation last week while completing her registration form for blood donation — she lost her right to donate blood as a result of her honesty regarding her sexuality. As such, Yu signed her name on an online petition to encourage the government to eliminate the existing discriminating terms against homosexual people in the blood donation regulations.

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