Female Sanitation Worker Found 3 Million Worth of Gold Jewelry, Could Face Life Sentence

| May 27th, 2009

From QQ:

A controversial case appeared in Shenzhen: an Shenzhen airport cleaning worker Liang Li who makes only thousands monthly salary accidently “picked up” a case of more than 3 million yuan worth of gold jewelry next to the trash can. Liang may be prosecuted for theft, if convicted due to huge amount Liang faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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Xu Xiaonian: Shanghai Forever Cannot Catch Up with Hong Kong

| May 10th, 2009

From NetEast:

Editor’s note: The Boao Asia forum 2009 annual meetings are held on April 17th- 19th in Boao, Hainan, this annual meeting subject is “the economic crisis and Asia: The challenge and the forecast”, the following is the factual record of the Central Europe International Industry and Commerce Institute Professor Xu Xiaonian’s answers to the reporter’s questions.

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“China is Unhappy” Nationalism Promotion?

| April 12th, 2009

 BBC Chinese Department Reporter Qing Shang (尚清)

The recent appearance of a new book named “China is Unhappy” on the market in mainland China has caused hit discussions in the bookshops, and it is being enthusiastically boosted by the media.

This book’s author, Xiaojun Song (宋晓军), said that last October he and a group of friends chatted together. Afterwards, he organized the content of their conversation to form this book.

Therefore, perhaps this book should be called a conversation record.

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