ChinaHush, founded in 2009 is one of the most popular website/blog about China in English.  It presents selected articles/posts from Chinese websites, blogs and BBS, translated into English and organized, gives another perspective than the main stream media on Chinese cultures, lifestyles, trends, and the latest memes in China.  Targeted audiences are English speakers who has an interest in China and also international community with this common interest.

(As for 7/1/2012) Based on Google Analytics data in the past one year 7/1/2011 – 6/30/2012:

Visitor Overview:

Visits / Month: ~ 130K
Unique Visitors / Month: ~ 100K
Pageviews / Month: ~ 235K
RSS subscribers: 5,455
Facebook fans: 4,546
Twitter followers: 7,633


More readers are  between 18-34 year olds and went to Graduate School. Average user earns $100K+ a year and is most likely Male.   More users have no Children and browse from School or work and are Asian or Caucasian.


Top 10 geographic locations:

1. United States  36.72%
2. Canada 7.20%
3. United Kingdom 5.63%
4. Australia 4.12%
5. Singapore 3.77%
6. India 3.76%
7. (unknown) 3.57%
8. Malaysia 3.23%
9. Hong Kong 2.49%
10. Germany 2.15%
Note: I am certain that there are also high percentage of readers browsing from China, due to readers in China use VPN (bypassing China’s internet restriction), their location would show up as countries that hosts the VPN servers.

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