“Hairy nose” the viral video to sensitive about the effect of  pollution in China

| April 18th, 2016

hairy nose

Sensitive Campaign against the pollution in China!

Air pollution in the Middle Kingdom is not really the funniest subject on earth, but with its weird short movie, Wild Aid wants urban people to laugh, but also change their lifestyle. Hairy Nose shows a bizarre future in which people are wearing long nasal hair in order to filter the smog surrounding the city. They wear it in some really fashionable ways.

At the end of this short movie, there is a preventing message saying that if people don’t change their ways, pollution will change them. The Wild Aid charity said to the BBC they wanted Chinese people to stop waiting for their government to solve the air pollution issue.  “We tried to turn it into a humorous way to talk about this very serious problem China is facing”, explained May Mei, the Chinese representative of Wild Aid.

Everyday scenarios featuring nasal hair – meaning the pollution is everywhere

dog hairy nose

Hairy Nose movie features fashioned Chinese people plus one fashioned dog. Their fashion style includes some groomed nasal hair as they are filmed living their every day life. Some are having a hair cut – you should here understand they get a nasal hair cut, while some others are doing sports in a new way, playing with their same nasal hair. You can also see this new kind of fashioned people in the subway, or also walking their baby, who’s already growing his own nasal hair.

In every scene from the beginning, you can easily see there is no sun light, but only a very thick and gloomy cloud. This participates in the weird ambiance during this clip. With this unusual video, Wild Aid wants to disturb Chinese people in their every day life. In order for them to change their bad manners.

couple hairy nose

“To them, this is just the way it is,” say the captions. Wild Aid wants to show people that if they change their habits, they will have a much better life. This change of life is represented by one man who decides not to “blindly submit” and shaves off his nose hair so he can breathe, “because it reminds me that the sky once was blue”.

no hairy nose

Change air pollution before it changes you,” says the final caption. People are encouraged to come up with their own creative ways to be more green.

“Many people complain about pollution in Beijing and Shanghai, but no-one really tries to sort it out” she said.

“What we want to prove is that changing is not that difficult, it should come from everyone.”

Pollution is the main problem of expatriates in Beijing, especially among top level Executives” explained the founder of TailorMade in Beijing.

If you don’t change air pollution, it will change you instead

The campaign is targeting mostly young Chinese, especially internet users and hipsters because they are “willing to change, to accept new ideas and are also prepared for something better”.

A report last year, published in Nature, put the number of annual deaths in China attributable to pollution at 1.3 million. With this amazing and frightening figure, Wild Aid hopes people will “think harder”

blue sky

Buzz marketing : an efficient strategy  to reach Chinese audience

This buzz has been going on for a while in China, and many people have been reacting to it. Creating buzz videos for some brands or campaign can be really successful or a really bad buzz.

Will “Hairy Nose” make you change your habits into a more ecological lifestyle?

Let us know!

Olivier founder of Gentlemen Marketing Agency.

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  1. This video went viral last month, but I guess the phenomenon has just faded away by now. In the Western world, we don’t hear that much about China’s air pollution which remains an important current topic.

    The air pollution has definitely changed people, everyone is fighting for some fresh air, people are even selling it to others.
    I hope the situation is going to get better.

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    I applaud the bravery of the man behind this ad. There should be more people who should do a similar act.
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  9. Ohh! this is another news from this country!

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  12. call us says:

    This is a wake-up call for China and they should do something about it!

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    Wow yet another Beijing smog story. And at a time when the AQI in Beijing is very low with clear blue skies. In fact we have had about 8 smog stories since Jan 1st, while smog has been unusually low as an average for this time of year. Normally the 3 weeks prior to Spring Festival can be the worst, and the week after very high. Not so this year.

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