Mainland media call Hong Kong protestors extreme opposition


September 28 is a day to remember in Hong Kong history as it sees the emergence of what started as a student groups led peaceful march escalating into Hong Kong’s unprecedented protests and police crackdown. When almost every major west media was breaking the news, mainland media unsurprisingly treated the matter in complete opposite way – silence.

In fact, today’s headlines in the Hong Kong-Macau section on one of China’s biggest news portal ifeng are: 4 Chinese faces on the Nobel Prize prediction list, 2 of whom born in Hong Kong; Hong Kong expecting to receive 8% more tourists during the golden week; Hong Kong custom solved 3 cases of iPhone smuggling etc. In short, as October 1st the birthday of new China looming in, mainland media is addressing anything but the pink elephant in the room.


And on another popular news portal Netease, there is not much luck finding any coverage about the protest other than one piece of non-visual repost from China’s propaganda outlet –Global Time. Here is a translated excerpt from that one and only article about Hong Kong protest on September 28th:

“Hong Kong police cleared the ground on 27th afternoon and arrested over 60 protestors who crashed into government headquarter the night before resulting in over 20 injured. Hong Kong government expressed their regret on the incident, and many political parties and the society strongly condemned the extreme opposition groups for defying Hong Kong’s rule of law, and demanded justice on them to settle Hong Kong people’s anger. The night before they crashed into government headquarter, students groups surrounded government house threatening to ‘take away the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR Leung Chun Ying’. Hong Kong’s Occupy Central opposition group has already claimed that the confrontation against government on 26th was just a rehearsal for the upcoming occupying HK Central demonstration on October 1st, which added to Hong Kong civilians’ concern about violence. According to Hong Kong media, HKPD will dispatch 7000 policeman to deal with Occupy Central. More worryingly, the opposition is good at manipulation as some group members are already hard-selling the idea of “electing shadow chief executive” to western media, which fundamentally defies HK SAR government authority. Luckily on 27th, Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily is doing its part in restoring Hong Kong confidence by praising the extraordinary performance by HK athletes in the Asia Games, hoping to urge Hong Kong people to get out of the political swamp and retain HK spirits.”

  1. Looks like the foreign worshipers in Hong Kong are fighting for the US and the UK, they are carrying and waving the stars and stripes also the union jack.

    All I can say is many of these punks will not make it to the west now that they have criminal records in HK.

    These sheeples are really dumb, the few activists are telling them to die for their cause and they are willing to do it without knowing why.

    An old men told me long ago that getting killed for others dreams is stupid and bad for the family name.

    1. actually, dumbass. these punks probably make it to the west and have a bright future. They at least still can analyze and think for themselves vs. the sheeps of China.

      People who are stupid, dumb and brain dead enough to live in China are the true sheeps who listens to everything the pieces of shit Communist party tells them. China have toxic air, toxic water, toxic food while the pieces of shit in the Communist party have their food and water from Mongolia, filtered air in their private Communist compound. Every Communist leader (Jiang Zemin, Wu Jintao and probably Xi Jinping) are becoming billionaires moving their money to the BVI.

      Explain to me why more than half of the PRC Chinese millionaires are considering or already emigrated outside of PRC China?

      1. The phenomena you mentioned above can be found in most developed countries, not just in China. And the present developed countries also have history of producing toxic air, toxic water…. This is the cost of development. Western countries have their way of life and Chinese have theirs. Everyone is equal and Westerners has no right to force others` to accept their ideas.

      2. Stupid cocksucker don’t you know that Chinese have been coming to in Canada and the US since the whites killed all the Indians and before the blacks were allowed to screw the white master’s wives and making babies for the melting pot.

  2. Hong Kongers do not want to share the good life with low life mainland Chinese peasants and their life is getting more difficult to live within China, they are brain blind.

    Are they kidding the world with this BS protest?

    @Deck Dog
    It is exactly opposite, if life is difficult, you probably won’t see this protest. Long story short. Asian Financial crisis started at the time HK returned to China. Then the SARS hit HK badly. Life was really bad at that time, well actually it wasn’t that bad, just similar to US recession a few years ago. To boost the economic, HK asked China’s assistance to allow more visitors. At that time, Chinese official actually warned HK gov about capacity issue, it is easy to open the gate but not so easy to close. Anyway, bread and butter back then was more important than anyway and it worked, everyone suddenly spoke mandarin and welcome the VIP visitors. Life is good again. Then CCP continued to crack down on corruptions, the visitors business is no longer as lucrative as before, abalone and Rolex are not selling well. Making things worst are middle and lower classes Chinese starting to use up resources like school, hospital and hoarding basic grocery like baby formula, that created a shortage for local, obviously they are not happy. Talking about rubbing salt in the wound, some lower class, less educated visitors aren’t the most polite type, and their kids toileting in the side street! Gov approval rate dropped like a rock. Pro-democrats gain support, that make China feel unease and decided to restrict nomination right and this leads to this big protest.«

  3. I reckon HKers do not want to be associated with mainlanders for a number of reasons but one that clearly sticks to my mind is that mainlanders can manufacture spiked baby powder, toothpaste, pet food, the list just goes on.

    Yet mainlanders have the audacity to call HKers ‘rebels’. If mainlanders actually spent more time fixing their own mainlanders affairs then maybe HKers would give mianlanders a little bit more respect.

    I mean a mainlander finds out they have tainted baby powder so they go down to HK and buy up all the baby powders and at the same time still call HKers ‘rebels’.

    mainlanders need to stop going ‘full retard’

    1. China is making and selling a new penis kow pow pill to make Chinese big like whites but not big like blacks, so be careful and hide your white G/F and wife and your mama.

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