A tooth for a tooth, farmers occupy main road as sunning ground

| September 27th, 2014


In a newly constructed Kexue Main Road in Zhengzhou City, the usual grey asphalt pavement turns into a golden boulevard of corns which covered 2/3 of the six-lane road and stretched as long as 5km. According to local villagers, the newly harvested corns can be properly dried in a couple of days and packed for sale on the spot thanks to the sunny weather and good ventilation on the road.

When asked why they occupied the public road for private use, one villager explained: "The road used to be our land. The developers just came here and grab our land to build factories and compounds. We are sunning the corns on our own land, no big deal."

To prevent cars from driving over the corns, villagers put branches, beer bottle glass and reflecting road cones on the outline of the sunning areas.







(Translated from Netease)

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  1. voiceofhomer says:

    Chinese are smart by the use of any way and what’s there to get the job done without using machines but by using what mother nature gives for free.

    • chirpy says:

      since when did mother nature provide six lane roads.

      I get what you’re trying to say, but let’s not leave with the wrong idea 🙂 This would not be necessary if they still owned their land.

  2. Gary Rice says:

    Interesting but the glass bit put’s me of eating it

    • MK says:

      You went all the way to the glass part before you decided you didn’t want to eat it? What about being on a road in the first place? All that dripping motor oil and misc fluids from all the cars the rest of the year??

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