6 months after MH370 disappearance, families still await the return of their loved ones


Sept 8,2014 will mark the half year milestone since the tragic disappearance of Malaysia Airline MH370 which was scheduled to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014. The plane lost contact with air traffic control less than an hour after takeoff, disappearing together with 239 people on board including 154 Chinese. Sept 8 will also be the traditional Mid-autumn Festival in China, a day with perfect full moon that celebrates family reunion. However, for the families that lose their loved one on MH370, the day is anything but festive. While grabbing on any straws of news on the search, families are still holding on to the chance that somehow their loved ones could find their home.


July 24, 2014 Beijing. Cheng Liping’s husband was on the MH370, she showed their photo and her husband’s mug to the reporter. She said that the accident changed her and her family’s life completely, but her two little sons still couldn’t understand the situation and kept asking her when their dad would come home.


July 22, 2014 Beijing. Ms Liu put her late husband Li Zhijin’s ring on her finger. She said the last time they talked they were having a fight on the phone, she didn’t realize that was their last conversation and it  had become her biggest regret today.


July 18, 2014 Beijing. Feng Xuehong couldn’t help but come to tears when showing her late son Wang Houbin’s photo to the reporter. On their last phone call, her son said: “Mum, give me a hug. Take care yourself, I will come back to see you very soon.”


July 11, 2014 Beijing. Ms Li and her husband come from Shandong Province, their son was on MH370. Even since the accident, they have been staying in a small inn in Beijing waiting for more certain news about their son’s whereabout. The devastating accident has also cost their health. The couple have to go to hospital everyday.


July 18, 2014 Beijing. Ms Liu showed her late husband Mr Lu’s photo to the reporter. They got married on March 1st, a week before the accident. Mr Lu was very busy with work and couldn’t go on their honeymoon right away, but he got on MH370.


In there home, Ms Liu and her husband had prepared a room for their future baby.


July 22, 2014 Beijing. Zhang Yongli’s daughter was on MH370. The accident has destroyed his family. He said his wife would sometimes ran far away from home because she couldn’t stand the home without their daughter in it.


August 26, 2014 Tianjin. Zhi Liang sat alone in a empty house. His fiancée was on MH370. Zhi Liang said they were planning to decorate it as their wedding house as they were getting married this year. He said he would always wait for her.


August 21, Beijing. Li Zhen stayed at home with her late husband’s cat. She said that she would only hope for one thing now, that her husband could come home alive no matter how he looks like.


July 24, 2014 Beijing. Ms Hu’s son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter were all on MH370. For a long time after the tragic accident, Ms Hu couldn’t come back to their home because she was afraid to walk into an empty house that was once filled with her 3-year-old granddaughter’s laughter. She said that she had even thought about ending her own life.


July 22, 2014 Beijing. 61-year-old Dai Shuqin’s sister was on MH370 together with 4 other family members including a 2-year-old. Dai Shuqin said she still believed that they were alive. Now every time she goes out, she carries the bag that her sister gave her long time ago, because it makes her feel as if her sister is still with her.


July 18, 2014 Beijing. Ms Zhang’s husband was on MH370. Holding her husband’s car key in her hand, she feels like her husband can be home any minute.


(Source: Netease)

  1. Truly sad. But the passengers are obviously dead. It may sound callous but the sooner they move on the better.

  2. We should ask the US government where the plane is. They know exactly where the plane is. Diego Garcia, the remote island in the indian ocean draws lots of attention about the missing plane. Read more about the the freescale semiconductor and 20 of this company’s employee in the missing plane. It’s all about money.

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