Chinese vintage parenting posters from 1952

| August 25th, 2014

Raising a child can be a lifetime responsibility especially in China where most families have a precious only child. That’s why nowadays Chinese parents just shower their child with gifts and satisfy the child’s every single demand, producing more “bear children (brats)” to the society. For most parents, it seems that parenting equals providing. But back in the days before the introduction of One Child Policy in China, parenting was not so much about eliminating all kinds of obstacles for the child, rather it was about caring him when he goes through the necessary growing pain and helping him grow stronger physically and mentally. And these gorgeous vintage parenting posters from 1952 communicated exactly that.

Check out the old-fashioned illustrations and more importantly the written messages. Translation of the copies are below the posters.




Don’t spoil your children, but also don’t neglect them.

Without love, they will become quick-tempered;

Scalding and corporal punishment are not education.

With the right amount of love and care, children will have a healthy body and mind,

just like flower and grass growing flourishingly taking the right amount of sun and rain.



A baby can develop the most precious sense of security inside a mother’s arms.

Encourage them to love animals and show their empathy, help them nurture good emotions within.


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Children are full of imagination and they express through making up stories sometimes.

A 3-year-old kid saying “I have a big plane in my house”, is he lying? Not really.

Drawing can help him express his imagination.

Building blocks can construct his dream.

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No crying out loud after a bruise or bleeding, teach him to be brave since little.

Don’t let him fear height or walking on narrow planks.

Don’t let him fear darkness.

Don’t let him flinch from labor.


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Mum hugs only with the little son, older son will cry for attention and favoritism.

Dad love both kids equally and never show partiality.

For example, to divide a watermelon, make it even;

after dividing, parents should be in charge of giving out instead of letting the kids pick;

Fairness eliminates envy.


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Children don’t intent to make damage, they just want to see what things are like after breaking apart.

Give them a substitute to satisfy their curiosity.

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“Mum, where does little brother come from?”

Mum, where do I come from?”

This is the perfect opportunity for sex education.

Don’t make up stories to cheat them,

instead you can use kitten, puppy or chick as the figure of speech to explain the truth about reproduction.


640 (2)


Children are afraid of dead people.

When they ask about death, you can explain in a way that he can digest;

such as: flowers and grass will stop living, birds will stop living,

death is the full stop of living.

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