Jiangsu police break up child pornography site with 90,000 members

| June 12th, 2014

image courtesy of Modern Express

Jiangsu police arrested three men involved in a discontinued child pornography website Modern Express newspaper reported on June 7.

At the site’s peak, “YouYou Resource Network” apparently featured 45,000 pictures and videos of young girls performing sexual acts, and had 90,000 registered members. Three men involved in managing the site were arrested on charges of creating a pornographic site and collecting illegal dues.

Police were tipped off about the site in February 2014, when the Xuzhou “internet police” discovered a website named “Youyou Resource Network,” which featured a large number of pornographic images and videos involving young girls. Patrols immediately reported the site to the Quanshan Public Security Bureau, who determined the site administrator went by the username of “half-step vicissitudes of life.” The site was sourced from Xuzhou, and police believed the administrator was really a man surnamed “Liu.”

Then, suddenly, the site closed. “Liu,” the suspected online administrator, disappeared.

Two weeks later, a new porn site named “Lolita Valley” was opened. Police continued to investigate, but the site administrator remained one step ahead of officials, changing the domain name to “rescue angel,” “I love faint” and, eventually, “I love UU.”

Police tracked the sites, and found heavy interaction between users named “half-step vicissitudes of life” (Liu) and “sister girl.” On May 13, after careful analysis, police identified “sister girl” as a 29-year-old Sichuanese man surnamed Ma.

Ma was arrested three days later at a residential complex located in Panzhihua, Sichuan. Police searched Ma’s apartment for information about Liu, the original site administrator, and, a day later, located and arrested the Nanjing man.

During interrogation, both Ma and Liu mentioned a user named “Pak,” who provided technical support for the site. But “Pak” was just the man’s PayPal account name. Neither man knew his real identity.

Police tracked the account, and identified “Pak” as a Shenzhen man surnamed Chen. On May 20th, Chen was captured and arrested on charges of creating a pornographic site and collecting illegal dues. Liu and Ma were arrested for similar charges.

After review, police found that Chen founded the site in 1996. The Shenzhen man made approximately 6,000 yuan in profit and, later, decided to sell the site to Liu. The Nanjing man managed the site, and met Ma online. Eventually, Ma and Liu ran the site together, and charged members 100-500 yuan per month for registration.

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