Henan school children practice “anti-drowning”

| June 10th, 2014




image courtesy of chinanews.com

In an incredibly literal lesson regarding personal safety, Henan school children plunged their heads into buckets of icy water to practice “anti-drowning” techniques on June 9, according to chinanews.com.

Approximately 70 students at a primary school in Yanshi Shouyang city lined into meticulous rows about midday that Monday, and dunked their heads into buckets and cooking pots filled with water to practice “anti-drowning.” Yanshi Shouyang is apparently located near a river where children often play during the summer, and the school believes their course is safer than letting students practice “anti-drowning” in the actual river, and is a “novel and practical” way to prepare for summer vacation.

After completing the course, students signed a contract promising not to play in the river alone. Students said the practice made them feel really upset.

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