Anhui woman finds condom in fish stew, manager swallows condom

image courtesy of hefei news
image courtesy of hefei news
image courtesy of hefei news

A Anhui restaurant manager swallowed a condom after arguing with a customer over whether or not she deliberately put the contraceptive in her food, according to Hefei News.

Leung (no first name available) and two female companions went to a fish restaurant in Hefei’s government district on the evening of May 9. The three women apparently got in a dispute with the store staff, but decided to eat at the restaurant anyway- they ordered a single, spicy fish boiled in oil.

For 30-minutes, the women munched happily. Then, the three flipped the fish over, and allegedly saw a pink, unwrapped condom lying at the bottom of the plate. Disgusted, Leung screamed for the restaurant manager to come over, and one of her friends complained of stomach pains. The woman vomited, and asked for the restaurant staff to call an ambulance, but the waiters ignored her, apparently indifferent.

“The staff attitude is very bad, the suspect deliberately placed it (the condom) there,” Leung said.

The Anhui woman told the restaurant manager she wanted 100,000RMB in compensation. But the manager said that number was way too high, and wondered how the condom got there- “If the fish was boiled in oil, wouldn’t the condom have disintegrated?” he asked.

Leung insisted the condom had been given to her on the plate, as is. At this point, the manager said Leung told him that if he ate the condom the women wouldn’t report the incident. Leung denies asking him to do this. Although the manager believes the women put the condom on the plate—“I was the manager on duty,” he said. “There is a certain responsibility.”

Provoked or unprovoked, the man ate the condom. The women left the restaurant, unsatisfied, and returned about 4 p.m. the following afternoon. Leung, the manager and two others continued to argue—over compensation, the eaten condom—and were unable to reach an agreement.

Shushan Health Supervision is investigating the incident.

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