Hebei founds “General-Secretary-Xi-Jinping-Spirit-of-Series-of-Important-Speeches Research Center”

image courtesy of the daily mail
image courtesy of the daily mail
image courtesy of the daily mail

The Hebei Propaganda Department cut the ribbon on its “General-Secretary-Xi-Jinping-Spirit-of-Series-of-Important-Speeches Research Center” on April 30, according to Hebei News Network.

Site publicity and propaganda minister stressed the need for students to study and research Xi’s speeches in order to understand his specific brand of Chinese socialism, and for local and national decision-makers to visit the center in order to refine their service to the nation. The institute was established at the Hebei Academy of Social Sciences, which is under dual leadership with the province’s Propaganda Department.

During his year in office, Xi has championed the “China Dream,” the idea that ordinary citizens can achieve national glory if they work as a collective. He has also campaigned one of the most extensive corruption campaigns China has seen in recent history, vowing to attack lowly “flies” and powerful “tigers” in a January 2013 anti-corruption speech. So far, 40,000 government officials have been disciplined for graft violations, and 10,000 fired from their jobs, according to BBC News. This has allowed the government to recoup $65 billion in illicit funds.

Yet, not everything Xi touches turns to gold. Under his leadership, China’s relationship with its neighbors has been strained, particularly those involved in territorial disputes regarding the South and East China Seas. He has also campaigned a harsh crackdown on internet censorship — pioneering “National CyberSecurity Day” celebrated on April 29 — and arresting more than 300 rights lawyers and activists during his time in office.

Nonetheless, he remains popular among the people. As of press time, Hebei’s patriotic center for Xi is the first like it in the nation.

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  1. In the west the Propaganda is that China has rewritten the history of Tiananmen Square, only western history is real and true .

    The west is saying that China killed peaceful protesters who stood for democracy have been cast as counter-revolutionaries, but many people know that it was like was going on in the Ukraine, regime change in a fake protest.

    The west says China says “casting the peaceful protesters who stood for democracy as counter-revolutionaries and lionizing the courageous soldiers who risked their lives to control a riot.”

    Me says that China got rid of a few western worshippers and not up like what the crazy country of Ukraine is now, a western prostitute nation run their western pimps.

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