Mayday band receives Chinese hate after they support Taiwanese protests

Taiwanese musicians and celebrities are under fire on Weibo for lending their support to the protesters who have occupied Taiwan’s legislature in opposition to a trade deal with China.

Mayday's band member Masa standing next to a large scale sign he wrote urging people to support the protest.
Mayday’s band member Masa standing next to a large scale sign he posted urging people to support the protest.

The musician Zhang Xuan (张悬) and the director He Yizheng (柯一正) were both present at demonstrations against the deal, as reported by People Online.

Tsai Shen-yen (蔡昇晏), who plays bass for Mayday and goes by the stage name Masa (瑪莎), closed his coffee shop in solidarity with the protesters. “Sorry,” a sign on the shop said, “We cannot sacrifice Taiwan’s future for a little bit more revenue,” and potential customers were encouraged to join the protest.

The deal would open up trade in service sectors, such as health care and finance. The majority Kuomintang supports it while the Democratic Progressive Party opposes it. According to a survey by Taiwan Indicators Survey Research, 44.5 percent oppose the deal while 32.8 percent supported it with 22.9 percent not responding. Along with fears about increased competition, opponents also raise concerns that the deal will give China too much control over Taiwanese affairs.

The musicians taking a stand against the deal face backlash in China where they have large fan bases. Weibo users have been referring to them as being supporters of “Taiwanese independence.” The hashtag #Taiwanese Independence Stars Get Out of the Mainland# (#台独明星滚出大陆# ) is trending on Sina Weibo with 81,012 mentions this week.

Yang Xiaozuo (杨小左), a post 90’s author who has written four books, attacked the opponent of the deal for “expressing themselves on Facebook however they please.”

You have your own political stance—nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is that you are too vulgar. Do you really think you can express yourselves on Facebook however you please? Actually you really can stand up and express your viewpoints frankly, but please don’t come to the mainland fishing for gold while clamoring about some kind of censorship, okay? This kind of intelligence can come out of crazies. You cool cats (牛逼你们), choke with resentment on Taiwan, and don’t come to the mainland.


It appears Yang really doesn’t like this trade bill either. Why doesn’t he support the Taiwanese protesters, who don’t want a bill that makes it easier for Taiwanese companies to trade with the mainland? Why doesn’t he occupy the People’s Congress? He’s not alone. His post has over 6,200 likes, 4,800 shares, and 2,500 comments.

Kirsch先生, a female model, jumped over her country’s firewall to look at Facebook and shared photos of comments by other Chinese people mocking Taiwanese people:

I went to look at [Taiwanese singer] Yoga Lin’s Facebook, and discovered that Taiwanese people are stupid brain damaged cunts (傻逼脑残), one after another hails from Our Country. Apparently the mainland contingent is so strong, we all hailed a torrent of abuse at them, so much venting! I strongly appeal to everyone to get on FB and get angry at them. Our comrades give such effort.
去围观了一下林宥嘉的Facebook,发现台湾人真都是傻逼脑残啊,一个个自称我国。好在大陆团阵容太强大了 把他们骂的狗血喷头,太解气了!强烈呼吁大家都上FB,气死他们。同胞都太给力了

Yay for national unity!

One Weibo user named @美人鱼拉屎昵称各种占用 praised Taiwanese singer Jay Chou (周杰伦) for calling himself a Chinese person. Chou even refused to speak Korean in Korea!

Jay Chou, while abroad, said that he is a Chinese person. At an awards show, the host said a lot of Korean artists like him, and can you say a few words in Korean? He refused to speak Korea. He just said, I am a Chinese person, I can only speak Chinese. Jay Chou was the first Taiwanese artists to dare to publicly speak of Taiwan as a province. Because of this, Taiwan’s politically independent faction blacklisted him. If you don’t believe me, look at the video on the internet.


Another user, 遥望二楼后座, praised Hong Kong singer Wong Ka Kui (黄家驹), the founder of Beyond, for his patriotic comments at a performance:

Suddenly this hot topic comes up, allowing me to remember Wong Ka Kui’s moving words. More than 20 years ago the mainland was still very undeveloped and Hong Kong was flourising and was still and English colony. Before he sang “Great Wall”, Ka Kui said three times, “Us Chinese people.” I want to say, Wong Ka Kui, you are the pride of us Chinese people!!


彭二二二毛, a Weibo user with 5,000 followers who is credited with being one of the leaders of the hashtag, said,

Celebrities, without a doubt, don’t touch politics. Singing just means singing well, acting just means acting well. Don’t pretend to understand something you don’t understand, don’t participate blindly. Finally, if you put out this mess, don’t come back. I know most people in Taiwan don’t consider themselves Chinese [nationals] (中国人). Against this backdrop, I leave my beloved with one sentence: We are all Chinese [heritage] people (华人).

当明星 千万不要触碰政治 唱歌就好好唱歌 演戏就好好演戏,别不懂装懂 瞎参合 最后搞得混不下去 我知道台湾多数人都没把自己当中国人 映衬你们最爱的一句 大家都是华人。

昕埝whyhong said that Taiwanese should “stay on their small island.”

Finally there is this topic. The best thing would be for Taiwanese celebrities to all leave the mainland. The people I most despise are those Taiwanese who come to lick faces and earn RMB on the mainland then turn around and say bad things about the mainland. If you had strength of character, you would always stay on your small island.


夜晚公路上暖黄的灯 said:

Primarily as a Chinese person, my biggest love is my motherland. I also have idols, and I also love my idols, but if there is a day when my idols attack my principles and challenges my biggest love, I will definitely tell them to scram! As long as I know, my idols, they should always dare to say they are Chinese people!


The official account of Shanghai Bomei Computer Technology Company said that the Taiwanese celebrities shouldn’t even be allowed to return to Taiwan.

Celebrities who support Taiwanese independence, you will know our ardent love of our country! I cannot say you should return to Taiwan, because Taiwan is a part of China, it’s China’s. You should not because of this incident become famous (red), but you should become more and more black. Go home. You are not suitable to be public figures.

Taiwanese artists have often faced scrutiny over their views on the political status of Taiwan. A-Mei has been banned from China for singing the Taiwanese national anthem at President Chen Shui-bian’s inauguration, and S.H.E came under fire when one of its members reportedly said, “I am not Chinese, I am Taiwanese.” S.H.E was also criticized by patriotic Taiwanese themselves in 2007 for their song “Mandarin” (中国话), which extolled the growing influence of the language.

  1. It’s OK, Taiwan is not country anyways.

    When the US don’t want this Asian bitch anymore only the motherland will take her back, that’s only if Nippon don’t have plans to use her as a sex slave.

  2. So Chinese celebrities never talk bad about America and turn around and lick faces and make USD? You guys gotta stop throwing stones in glass houses.

    1. No, they actually do not. No Chinese celebrity has gone and visited America and declared support for Californian independence upon their return.

  3. I would say most of the weibo accounts listed are owned by government propaganda organ. Real Chinese people want to get out China themselves. It’s a fact, look at tr percentage of wealthy trying to get out. It’s in the 80%!

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