Father has an affair with daughter’s roommate, has child

A photo of the roommate, Li Mou.

The scandalous story of a father having an affair with her daughter’s roommate and having a child went viral in February when the daughter exposed her father in order to get revenge.

A photo of the roommate, Li Mou.
A photo of the roommate, Li Mou.

The Shenzhen City Paper reported the story on February 17 (pdf):

“My college roommate hooked up with my father, and now she is pregnant and will have the baby! Father, how can you treat me and mother this way?” On the evening of February 12, a junior female student at a the Zhuhai campus of a university in Guangzhou posted the “blood and tears testimony” of her own father’s “extramarital affair” with her roommate. A reporter confirmed the two students were juniors at the Zhuhai campus of a notable university based in Guangzhou.

As the student, Xiao Tao (name changed), said, her closest roommate has done the most unimaginable thing to hurt her—her roommate has unexpectedly become her “step mother”.

Around 2 am on February 12, Xiao Tiao posted the story of the incident that caused her to be “enraged”. Online, she wrote: Her family’s home environment was quite good. Her father is a well-respected “member of the local nobility” who started a factory. During her freshman year, her father met her roommate and began having an extramarital affair with her. Later, her father forced her mother to get a divorce, and Xiao Tiao was the last one to know about the affair.

Xiao Tiao wrote: “The first day I entered my college dorm, my father brought me there. That’s when he met my roommate. The two of them exchanged phone numbers…” Later, “Father, because of incompatibility, caused mother to get divorced.”

The reality is hard for Xiao Tiao to accept. Her post is filled with tragic feelings: “This world is too scary. Love is fake, filial affection is fake, and friendship is also fake!” In order to “get revenge”, she went online to air her family’s dirty laundry and published the “mistress’s” (“little third’s” – 小三) QQ number and photos. She hopes other people will help “uphold justice.”

“That girl is a stereotypical southern girl, very short and thin. Until somebody told me, I never would have believed it.” Xiao Tiao’s mother, Miss Xiao (name changed), said Xiao Tiao’s father is 50 years old this year.

After Xiao Tiao attended college, Miss Xiao quit her job and went to Zhuhai to help her Xiao Tiao. Last year, the father asked for a divorce.

Xiao Tiao's post that went viral.
Xiao Tiao’s post that went viral.

After the divorce, Miss Tiao remained in Zhuhai taking care of her daughter. Last year, around National Day, when Miss Tiao returned to her hometown, she happened to hear a relative say her ex-husband brought a young girl back, and this girl turned out to be [her daughter’s roommate] Li Mou (李某). Miss Tiao said, frankly, for some years her husband had been having affairs, but she absolutely never would have thought that the mistress was her daughter’s roommate. Because she was afraid her daughter wouldn’t be able to accept it, Miss Xiao hid the truth from her. During Spring Festival, Xiao Tiao heard about it from relatives.

According to Miss Tiao, Li Mou has been pregnant for a while and is going to give birth soon. She also said Xiao Tiao’s father is on vacation in Spain.

A representative of the university said this is a personal moral question, and the school will not interfere in student’s personal choices, according to brief printed in Southern Window.

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