Giveaway: 3 month VPN accounts with iOS client from ibVPN

| November 17th, 2012


Hello Everyone, it has been a while! Sorry for the lack of content update recently due to being very occupied. But, how about some free VPN accounts for your iOS devices. Our partner Invisible Browsing VPN have previously hosted giveaway here, now is providing ChinaHush readers with 10 accounts active for 3 month with access to premium iOS VPN package.

Same rules apply, all you have to do is write a comment for this post below, share it with your Facebook friends and tweet it on Twitter will give you extra points.  That’s it! Be creative in your comments, I will pick the winners in the next 2 weeks or so till 10 of them are selected.  Remember to use your real email address when commenting, it will be used to setup your account.

ibVPN is a premium VPN service providing 30 servers with more than 500 IPs in 12 countries (US, CA, UK, DE, NL, IE, FR, CH, LU, RO, RU and SE). The latest release of ibVPN is the iOS client, especially designed VPN for iPhone and iPad users.

Don’t want to wait and try your luck? The ibVPN iOS client is available in App Store and it’s the only VPN for iOS with 15 days free for new users at unlimited bandwidth.

The advantages of using ibVPN on your iPhone or iPad are:

– You will have access to blocked or geo-restricted websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, etc.

– There is no bandwidth limitation

– 3rd party cookies will not be able to track you. No more being tracked by websites you have no idea about

– You can get access to 3 servers for 15 days with Free iOS package

– You can choose from 14 fast VPN servers located in 12 countries with the Premium iOS package: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Luxembourg, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Yay Almost everyone entered won!
winners are:
Xlyu Hu

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  1. adiaosi says:

    {(just missed a great limited-time gratis vpn offer this month,i regretted deeply)]
    i am just living on these great offers inside gfw,..ah.. my last vpn is dying,,one month only,,help.ah…please make my life a little longer…..2012.
    {(ibvpn price not bad,maybe buy it later……)
    came across to chinahush after google,cool info site. viva…}

  2. zard says:

    i wasn’t aware an ios vpn client even existed, sign me up.

  3. Xiyu Hu says:

    I am tired of writing “long live the CPC, all the glory to the 18th National Congress of the CPC” on the internet.

    Need a free internet, especially on mobile devices.

  4. Archie says:

    Using the dying days of my paid VPN membership to post this post in order to try and get a free three months from the new VPN on the block.

  5. I would like to get one, I need it for my iPad. I like multiple servers in different countries.

  6. Alphy says:

    Being behind GFW, it is a must to have VPN. It is especially nice if it is for FREE!! Let me try it and I will promote the service!

  7. danny says:

    ,i really want to have a free vpn., if you can give one i will be very thankful to you,,

  8. NR says:

    I am taking the plunge and moving back to China after a year and a half away. I need some help adjusting! Please and thank you.

  9. Daniel says:

    Hey, looks like I’m the number 10? Would be nice to get one


  10. fred says:

    omg….i think i have missed this opportunity!!!!

  11. NR says:

    Thank you!

  12. adiaosi says:

    Thank you!
    step by step,upgrading C.P.C style censorship system viva

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