Mainland female medical student shoots erotic film in Hong Kong to earn 4 million for opening clinic

| September 27th, 2012

From Netease:


“Due West: Our Sex Journey”, the Hong Kong’s 3D erotic film (literally translated as 3rd grade film in Chinese, see Hong Kong motion picture rating system) was released to the public, and the bold performance of WangLi Danni, an actress from mainland China attracted huge attention. According to the reports of Hong Kong media, WangLi Danni claimed to be a medical student in Shanghai, and the reason for playing in an erotic film was to earn 4million RMB in order to fulfill her dream of opening a clinic after she graduates next year.

The climax of Due West: Our Sex Journey was that the F-Cup WangLi Danni used her breasts to rub against the back of the leading actor, Zhang Jiansheng. She had bold performance in her first erotic movie, with complete nudity, but surprisingly she is a medical student behind camera. She recently said that, “To be honest, I took part in this movie to earn some quick money, and my goal is 4 million. I will not graduate till next October, but it will cost a fortune to get the license and open a clinic. I hope I could earn enough to open it.”

Given WangLi Danni’s natural and smooth performance in Due West, Xiao Dingyi, the investor warmly invited her to join the cast of 3D Sex and Zen 2. But WangLi Danni had concerns that if she continues to perform nude scenes in movies, it would affect her dream of becoming a doctor. Was she worried that she would be blocked like Tang Wei, who had some nude scenes in Lust, Caution? She answered, “The situations are different. Tang Wei had some sensitive scenes in that movie.” WangLi Danni stated that as long as it would not affect her study, she would continue to be an actress till she saves 4 million RMB . She said, “I will not give up on becoming a doctor, but I still worry that taking part in erotic movies would exert negative influence on my doctor career.”

WangLi Danni claimed to be a university student from mainland China, but her public information in mainland showed that she “graduated from Beijing Central & North Emperor Performing Arts School, a popular model, new actress, hostess and freelance writer”, without mentioning being a medical student. Many netizens expressed suspicion on her “university student” identity.

It was known that before WangLi Danni joined Due West: Our Sex Journey, she was shown on the stage of Only You, a job seeking show produced by Tianjin Satellite TV Station, in the name of “WangLi Dan”. In her CV, she deliberately mentioned her measurements. And Zhang Shaogang, the “cold blooded” host who received a lot of criticisms later, behaved quite “gentle” when WangLi Danni showed up. And netizens laughed at him, saying that “it’s hard to overcome a booby trap”.




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  1. Bo Wang says:

    Meh, doesn’t take much to become a doctor in China. Big deal.

  2. WhosEvil says:

    If this woman has the brains and concentration to become an MD I will eat my hat.

    PS: Thanks for the photos. That saved me a google search.

  3. margo says:

    Just legalize porn on the mainland already, what difference does it make?
    We have porn in my country and it’s not any worse for it.

    • AsiansWearFur says:

      That’s in fact what most White male chauvinists and Far Left “anything goes” types would say, but many studies have pointed out otherwise, including Standford University’s philosophy compilation on “Pornography and Censorship”, where even Far Left liberal women have taken a more conservative Right wing approach to what has been determined to be abuse and degradation of women and children especially in our society.

      Yes, their are two sides of the story.

      • margo says:

        I see you still see the white male chauvinist thing everywhere

        Women being more sensitive is just the result of more women learning about feminism. And there’s nothing right wing about real feminism.

      • max hodges says:

        Did you actually read the paper? I did. It states, “Liberal defenders of pornography readily admit that, if there were reliable evidence to show that consumption of pornography significantly increases the incidence of violence sexual crime, there would be a very strong liberal case for prohibiting it. However, liberal defenders of pornography remain unconvinced that there is reliable evidence to show that pornography is a cause of rape or other sexual crime. Ronald Dworkin, for example, writes “…in spite of MacKinnon’s fervent declarations, no reputable study has concluded that pornography is a significant cause of sexual crime: many of them conclude, on the contrary, that the causes of violent personality lie mainly in childhood, before exposure to pornography can have had any effect, and that desire for pornography is a symptom rather than a cause of deviance” (Dworkin 1993: 38).”

  4. Cleo says:

    It seems that Chinese prefer to enrich Japanese porn stars not Chinese imitators.

    • Angelus88 says:

      hahaha.. ironically it’s true.. saw an article on chinasmack few months ago.. Some japanese pornstar showed up and everyone went back being 16 yr old teenagers..hehe

  5. Hidamari Desu says:

    Ew wtf

  6. 伯凡 says:

    She is not even that pretty………hard to believe that this movie is going to gross alot of money despite the fact that guys will naturally want to check out the nudity.

  7. Nihonjin says:

    Good body shape, but ugly face. Typical of chinks. You can’t be beautiful if you still have an ugly face. No amount of cosmetic surgery is going to change the genes for ugliness that is present in Chinese people. It’s sad but funny at the same time.

  8. Lily says:

    Good for her! Shes smarter than anyone (including me) commenting on here.

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