Kindergarten girl dies in bus, pay more attention to sexual abuse of children in China!

From Weibo and other sources:


The following news triggered public outcry over sexual abuse of Children in China, as these incidents continued to appear in the new.

Recently another outrageous kindergartener sexual assault case happened in Tianjin. However, the police determined the little girl died of suffocation (in a closed bus). We must pay more attention to sexual abuse of children girls in China.


In the morning of Aug 28, 3-year-old little girl, Qingqing (alias) got on the shuttle bus to go to her kindergarten. But when her parents saw her again in the afternoon, she had already stopped breathing, her scared body was covered with someone else’s clothes. The police said that she died of heat stroke when she was left inside the bus accidentally by her teachers. But her parents could not accept this because the lower part of her body had blood which indicated sexual assault.

The father, Xu Shengwei could not believe what he saw, “She was naked, with her underwear on backwards and scars in her face and body. There were also seven or eight holes in her chest.” The most difficult for them to accept is that the child’s lower body had blood, seemingly suffered from sexual assault.

Heat stroke or sexual assault?

That night Little Qingqing’s body was taken to the police station for final check. According to the police, Little Qingqing arrived at kindergarten at approximately 8 am but was left on the bus by the teacher on duty. 7 hours later when the teacher found out she was missing and hurried back to the bus only to find Qingqing was already dead. The outdoor temperature that day was 33℃. Little Qingqing could not breath in the sealed and heated bus and died of stroke.

As to blood on her lower body, the autopsy report says her hymen was damaged 4-5 centimeters. The police also told them that the shuttle driver admitted indecent act towards Qingiqing on the bus, but he only “touched” her, so it’s not the direct cause of her death.

“How can that be a heat stroke?” said the father, because the legal medical expert told them Little Qingqing was dead before noon. That means she was alive in the bus for only three hours. The father could not believe three hours of heat can kill a girl.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Tianjin Public Security Bureau, Xiqing Branch. Deputy Director, Sun said, the case was already solved, including the driver, kindergarten principal, and two teachers were in the bus were detained as suspects of the crime.

“Qingqing was the third child who got on the bus, at that time two teachers were getting other kids in the market.“ Sun said, suspect, the 57-year-old driver, sexually molested Qingqing while the teachers were not on the bus. Police inferred Qingqing, out of fear, was hiding on the bus and forgotten by the teacher.  Deputy Director Sun denied the possibility of sexual assault because there were two teachers and nineteen children in the bus, the driver would have no chance of committing it. As for scars Sun explained that the temperature was relatively high that day, the child’s skin was more delicate so they were just damage of sunburns.  “The driver acted indecently, and teachers’ negligence are subject to legal sanctions.”

  1. What is wrong with these teachers, they should be tested for dumbass brain dead sickness.

    We have a case here where, “A former Toronto female teacher who was accused of sexually assaulting a young boy when he was a student at the school where she had taught has been arrested.”

    1. Aye China is becoming more and more like the depraved West. China must turn away from evil! Stop emulating the West’s crimes as America is going the way of Sodom and Gomorrah!

      1. Are you serious? Are you claiming that there weren’t pedophiles or retarded teachers/peoples in “old china”?
        It doesn’t matter if you’re in the east or west, pedophiles/stupid people is everywhere… comments like yours is just ridiculous….

  2. Wow. How dumb are the police? Or, should I put it more correctly, how less could they care? Once again, trying to sweep a case under the rug so they can high five each other on another problem “solved”. May they receive what they deserve in the next life.

  3. Given the reputation of ordinary Chinese netizens for ire and pursuing justice for total strangers, it is believable that no one did nor wanted to grab the bus driver by the neck and spend some quiet time interrogating him?

    This report sounds so unlikely. Not unlikely that a child was killed but the reaction is hard to believe – I mean, fellow Overseas Mainlanders grabbed that wife murderer who abandoned his kid in New Zealand and pulled off his pants and tied him to a chair for the police to pick him up.

  4. I think if there wasn’t a justice thwarted element to this piece of news, it wouldn’t get wide circulation. Because China didn’t get an easy resolution, our bad guys – the murderers and rapists and thieves did not get caught and imprisoned or sentenced to death – they got away with it.

  5. This is Obviously a coverup.

    No sunburning is going to cause puncture holes in a child.

    No doubt, there was larger sums of money involved… and high profile people involved.
    (most likely govt. officials)

    The blame is shifted to a bus driver.. and the drive accepting it considering the threat to hurt and or kill his family members.

    If it were my child… these men would be found, then suffer the 1000 cuts execution.

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